Am I the only one who READS the old texts?

Question:I see a lot of "Bruce Lee says..." (or something to that effect) on this board!

Doesn't anybody else in these parts read the old martial arts texts anymore?


Boxing confusion.?

two of my favorite books are the book of five rings by myamoto musashi and the art of war by sun tzu. if those aren't old, then i don't know what is.

bruce lee is a very respecatble martial artist of our time, though, which makes him a little easier to understand.

Do you agree with Bruce Lee's combat conceptions or philosophy?

Hi there

No i have a rather extensive / expensive library but find that DVDs are now replacing books.

The old books by the masters are a much better read than the 101 ways to knock some one out out using a feather duster. You tend to find that certain publishers will only produce Martial Arts books by reputable authors.

Stick with them.



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