"Energy"charged punch?

Question:Is it true that if you add"ki" or energy to your punch, it can become stronger?

Taking martial arts for several of years, I've heard these theories and curious if anyone would like to share answers or opinions. If one knows, may you list a how to guide or some source?



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Haha, so as a martial artist I was intrigued to find the following on a British television show. Remember a s child you would mockingly "charge" a baseball in your hand while spining your arm around like a windmill? Well, the same concept applies here. Many believe that Chi exists within the blood, so as a chargin exercise do the following: Slowly beging to rotate your entire arm at the shoulder, spinning in a circle. Begin to increase velocity until your arm is spinning as fast as it can for about ten seconds. Then stop, and punch something AS HARD AS YOU CAN with that hand. Post results.

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Go ask a boxer or Muay Thai guys that. They all probably never heard of a such thing. They're hardest puncher/kicker around and everyone KNOW that!

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You need to study up on Qi, or Chi as it is somethimes called in the Western Hemisphere. The Manifestation of Qi, or vital energy has been practiced from the earliest recorded times in ancient China. The theory is that everything on earth contains a certain amount of energy, and if you cultivate that energy, and learn how to channel this energy at will to different parts of your body, such as in your fist when you punch, it will give you added strength and power.

google chi, or qi


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hmm.i geuss if u belive in chakras and understand them and use them.yes....i myself..use nature`s energy to help me..no...not any naruto *..plain old metapyshical knowledge...look into chakras..maybe they can help u

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I'm not really sure. I've been doing martial arts for quite a while now, the people that I've seen who was able to do that are the "Chi Gong practitioners. I think my great grandfather does it and I know some older guys in the park (Taiwan) does it. I think they use a lot of weight shifting like in Tai Chi and that they strike hard with the sudden tightening in muscle like karate. Using chi.. I don't know, some people that says they use it are mostly fake. But I've know some doctor of chinese medicine use chi gong to heal bone or back injuries.

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I once heard of something called "The Force of Kukhan." It was pure concentration that enabled you to possess a great degree of control over your autonomic bodily functions, and thus do things that most people could never do. Like smashing a lock open with your bare hands, bending an iron bar with minimal effort, and slicing a huge log in half with just one finger.

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how else did Bruce Lee's "one-inch punch" work?

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Yeah, that's BS. Have you ever noticed that it only works on the students of the people who practice this?

SCAM. Poor kids.

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don't listen to trey. in the art of jeet kun do wich was founded by Bruce lee you learn allot of boxing technique and drills.the way Bruce got his1 inch punch to work was threw proper body mechanics. the only energy a boxer uses is from his hip.

Are you a generalist or a specialist?

I have never seen magical energy techniques.

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