Any Ideas for a 20 move Kata??

I train in mixed martial arts, and am being graded for Green Belt in two weeks time.. However they tell us last night a training that we must come up with a 20 move Kata to pass...hmmm.. I have been wracking my brain all day to think of something that will be easy to remember yet look good also...Anyone got any usefull suggestions or ideas that they wont mind me using in the kata?? a friend of mine suggested just doing 3 or 4 combo's and stringing them along, but I don't think that is what the instructor is after.. Usually for this sort of kata I would concentrate on 1 attacker for a few moves and then move to a 2nd attacker... Any input will be very appeciated..


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If tradition is not a big concern for just steal some kata from karate.
Take two Hiaen katas, break them in half and piece them back together.
they are 20 step katas, the have the classic "H" map and they end at embosen ( beginning and end are in the same place).
Here is some website that has some of these on for you.

Most basic forms for Karate have 20 steps in them.
Two weeks is more than enough time to learn these kata for demonstration purpose (you said "that will be easy to remember yet look good also" ) I am not saying you will master that form in that time period.

Your teacher may recognize the form, I don't know if that is a concern for you or not. But splitting two forms and creating one form out of them does technically qualify as a new form.

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simply men... just practice it with your video so that all the moves you can remember. everytime b4 u sleep you must watch some kata so that everyday you can improve and memorize it

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Write down about 4 series of moves (like combos) that you can see yourself really doing and that your instructor would like. Then come up with 2 that you think would work but that you would not naturally do. Then put them together with good transitions. Go multiple directions.

This will show the instructor that you have learned what he is teaching and that you are being creative. Practice it until it becomes natural. Write it down so you don't forget it over night.

Be Blessed

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Your test is in 2 weeks and you just found out about this? interesting. Just make sure everything you do has a purpose. Wasted movement will kill you. It doesnt matter how simple or complex it is, as long as it has purpose.

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