Any avid martial artists/kickboxers out there? Done any compititions?

Do you train at a school or on your own?


Has anyone heard of this Karate alliance?

I currenly kickbox and have been doing so for around half a year. I pack a lot of power in my punches, yet I am constantly refining my technique to prepare myself for competitions. I train privately at a mixed martial arts school that focuses predominantly on kickboxing and jiu-jitsu.

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At a school, you need to train with other fighters.

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I'm a late 30's guy.. and my body is probably a 20's body.. I also am told I look at least 10 years younger with no grey hair and a full head of hair..

I've done martial arts since age 10. I used to spend a lot of time out in the parks and on the streets and there was this guy who would jog around with leg weights every day..

After seeing him run in circles for a few weeks I eventually befriended him and he leant me a set of leg weights. hence would commence my martial arts journey.

Though I lost his leg weights, and never spoke with him again.. I kept up the training and can remember stuffing bags with heavy books to do arm curls and back exercises at age 10..

During my teens I started training in a gym and sparring regulalry, mostly with black and brown belts from other art forms.. we formed a motley crew of mixed fighters who met to fight in a proper ring almost daily around age 15..

My training partner would later compete to become a state champion at 18, another close friend would become a National and World level competitor in Kickboxing at 21.. he's now made millions from his fighting career.

I had no professional fights myself opting for an academic career instead.. but still harbor the desire to compete possibly in the amateur ranks as one of the oldest competitiors in history.. lol because in the old days.. I gave both a run for their money pound for pound..

I train daily, I am extremely flexible and can almost put my elbows on my toes from a standing position. I used to dance as well so do a lot of stretching daily and acrobatic type stuff.. when my muscles are well nourished.. I avoid ALL exercise if I am not eating properly as I've learnt over the years that this is how accidents and sports injuries happen..

My stamina is very high.. I can ride a bike for ten hours straight up a hill.. I once did that in 40 degree heat too.. but admitedly nearly ended up in hospital for a week.. but I did it none the less..

I can swim state times when fit, and I think I run 400, 800, 1500 in state times too..

I can kick almost a meter over my own head.. and love practising my spinning back kicks.. which are fun and spectacular.. and I can sometimes leap almost a meter while spinning and kicking at the same time.. my favourite kick.. the spinning jumping backheel kick.. guaranteed to dislodge the jaw from your oponent..

I also did a lot of rockclimbing.. WITHOUT ROPES!! some climbs took me nearly 100 meters up sheer ledges.. and sometimes with only one arm grips holding most of my body weight.. I was totally fearless as a climber.. I never once looked down.. my martial arts training gave me that confidence..

One of my friends went to Thailand.. he was a state junior kickboxing champion, much much tougher than me.. and was also an olympic hopeful at the time.. he decided to try his hand as a pro Muau Thai fighter..

His very first fight in Thailand ended his career!! A few kicks into it, he received a kick to his ankle which snapped it in half!! He is now a bouncer in the red light district..

I have a mixed routine at home, I do a lot of pushups and stretches.. but also mix it up with chin ups and sit ups.. but I take every opportunity ot train.. even in the toilet I'll work my toes.. honestly.. I also spar nearly daily and over the years developed good form which is important as a good martial artist learns to minimise energy use and aims for maximum result per energy joule expoused.

I used to bash my knuckles into the wall for half an hour at a time.. and smack my shins to toughen them up.. try rolling a glass bottle up and down your shins.. that'll toughen them up.. but it hurts!! no pain no gain.. hehe..

I punched a metal fridge recently and left an imprint of my 4 knuckes nearly 1cm deep in the metal.. my knuckles are now like cement.. and my shins are like baseball bats..

As I said.. I never competed, mostly because my diet was never good.. and I knew I risked serious injury if I came up against someone really tough.. but I had a fair few street fights, never once lost.. but stopped after I realised I was a cut above and risked seriously hurting someone as well and as a smallish guy didn't want to end up in prison either.. and I was on a good behavior bond in my teens too..

Havn't really had a fight since.. mostly standoffs where I remain standing.. But.. I still train daily.. and love it..

good eating and daily martial arts style training.. in my view brings the ultimate health benefits..

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Yeah... holla at me if your in NJ I'll take you to the baddest camp in NJ..

Tae Kwon Do instructional video..?

Yes, I practise karate, started when I was 33 years old. I practise at our local karate club. I usually do inter-club competitions ( mainly kata) and I've won three medals. I do the competitions mainly for fun/the experience.

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Yes, but I'm retired now.

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