A martial arts question?

Why does every martial arts guy develope a napoleon complex until he gets his *** kicked up and down the street?


Who wants to see CroCop vs The Maniac?

I don't think that your assertion is true. It depends on the quality of the instruction & the age & maturity of the student. A good instructor will reduce the chances of that happening. A mature student is less likely to become so full of himself. Unfortunately, there are plenty of poor instructors & immature students.

What do you think of a girl that does karate?

cuz those street guys are on coke and cant feel anything...btw whats a "napoleon complex"?

I know this dude who wants to fight me any tips on kicking his ***?

Because we are over confident in ourselves until we realize we are not all that hot.

Just inflated ego I guess

Is aikido an arobic sport?

You have to master martial arts before you can hold up
if not, u r just a poser

Are there any high-ranking kendoka who aren't Japanese?

Because some of them tend to forget that in a dojo the sensei is paid not to kick your *** no matter how much of a douche you act like. In real life though it will earn you a sound asswhoopin eventually.

Bruce Lee's Strength?

Well because people like me, Chuck Norris, and Bruce Lee are completely UNTOUCHABLE. The key is having a closed circle of top level martial artists that you train with on a weekly basis. You also need to keep a self-defensive attitude and avoid the so-called high level competitions because they are for chumps like Tito Ortiz and others. THEN, when adversity presents itself and you are faced with a life or death confrontation, the other person better kill you because if he doesnt, he himself will get counter-assassinated.

Who would win in fight between chuck norris, jet li, jackie chan and bruce lee who would win?

its not just the martial artist. it is evident in every facet of life, just look around. and look in the mirror too, the biggest culprit is ourselves.

Dojo in Georgia/Florida?

Because we know more than you do. Of course, there is always the chance of losing in ANY fight, that is why a TRUE Martial Artist will avoid any kind of fight unless it is absolutely necessary. There is nothing I own that is worth taking the chance on getting killed or being forced to seriously injure someone else.
However, the root of the problem isn't actally with someone who is a true Martial Artist. The problem is usually with guys who have taken a LITTLE Martial Arts training, with guys who THINK they are Martial Artists because they read Black Belt Magazine and watch Jet Li movies, and with guys whose egos are so big they have to walk sideways through a door. Any good Martial Arts school will teach a student to avoid fighting and to be self aware enough to avoid potentially dangerous situations. They should also have been in enough sparring sessions to realize that they certainly CAN lose or at least get cleaned out by anyone if you do something even as simple as miss a block. In a fight, anything can happen...any real Martial Artist knows this.
However, in the case of the "blow hards" it's just that they generally know something you don't. They may have had a few classes, or even upwards of a year or more training. They usually DO know something that gives them that confidence. What they have usually NOT learned is respect for others. They have enough self confidence to know that in MOST situations their limitted knowledge is good enough. They have not gained enough self confidence to realize though that they don't HAVE to prove themselves.
In a nutshell, a little knowledge is often very dangerous. Hope this helps...

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Guys who assume they know something now and are now invincible. Until they learn on the street your partner will not react like how your partner does in the dojo.

Then they start second guessing their art and quit.

So, guys who get out there and try to find fights, find losses.

I live in Glendale, Arizona do you know any places nearby that are not mcdojos?

That depends mostly on age , when I was younger I thought I was indestructable . Now that I'm older , and deal with things like arthritis and not healing as quickly as I used to , I know better .
As to the idea of a Napoleon complex , thats a little off I think . Napoleon , because of his height , was insecure most likely and because of this tried to seem larger then life . Most young guys although I'm sure are somewhat insecure also , get a false sense of security from their martial arts training . One should always remember , everyone has a bad day .

Have you watched this Aikido video?

what the fuk is a napoleon complex?

Give me the right answer and the 1st right answer will get the best answer vote from me?

I don't think every martial artist has this issue. I believe you are making a wide generalization based on a couple of individuals.

How cool are Kata? How many Kata do you know?

a true martial arts master is humble and does not need to have such an attitude. If a student of the martial arts does have an attitude such as this, then one of two things has happend.

1. His or her sensei did not teach them correctly


2. He or she has developed this on thier own and has forgotten one major but basic rule to martial arts. "No Matter how good you think you are... There will ALWAYS be someone better than you." Then they get their @$$ kicked.

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because martial arts guys are stupid egocentric usless bags of flesh. A real martial artist understands that he can be beaten by anybody, any one person could kick my ***, even with all of my training, it is merely a matter of circumstance. And another thing, those puffed up martial arts assholes are lacking the proper mindset, they are stuck in this rut of competing and trading blows and blocking, stupid waste of time, a the pinnacle of martial arts, you understand that you can be beaten by anyone, therby keeping your ego down, but understand in turn, that by your own very rule, you can beat anyone. But yeah i know exactly what you are talking about with the inflated egos, i laugh the hardest when i see it in karate kids, i have looked into a good deal of martial arts, i know the majority of martial arts guys can be beaten by a guy that learned to fight on his own on the street, mainly because he wasn't restricted by rules, whereas these martial arts guys don't have that, they have special environments made up for them to train and practice in against other people doing the exact same thing. But yeah, just because you do martial arts does not make you a martial artist, so please don't label all of us. Just because i have never lost a fight does not mean that i will never lose a fight, if i understand this then i believe that i can win any fight that i need. But yeah just because you are good against another bunch of sterilized martial vaginas does not make you a martial artist.

Dont you know that you cant teach violence?

it comes down to one word,and its not the dribble that roy b and his ilk are crapping on about,they wouldn,t know * from clay.just because someone does martial arts it doesn,t mean their martial artists.the word? EXPERIENCE.

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