A website to learn jutsu?


Shall I start martial arts classes?

if you mean jui jitsu u wont learn it by video or just by watching it you need real training with parteners to understand were and how to to put a move on or to resist it im doing it now along with freestyle for severeal years and sparring with different peolpe still suprises me what i dont know. EG>>> an arm bar does nt just become available you need to minipulate the situation to make it available. all the chokes bars locks can be shown but are no good when someone is resisting your martial advances(Hence real life training.

What fighting style is the best?

You DO realise that's just a cartoon don't you.

Is underarmour durable for randori?

Do you mean jiu jitsu ?

Who knows anything about fedor emelianenko and the white shirt with the E inside a crest?

If you mean Jiu Jitsu you can try


Is it important how high you mount a chin up / pull up bar?

I think you mean ju jitsu .. >??

maybe you can get some how to videos from google video or youtube?

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