About how long does it take someone with moderate flexibility to be able to do the splits?

What exercises and how much stretching each day should I do in order to be able to do the splits and about how long would it take me? I just want to know if it would be worth it or not...


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I am a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwan Do and I can tell you that it takes more than just stretching to get to that point. I even know Black Belts who haven't gotten there.
However it may be possible if that is your goal. There are three types of stretches we use in Tae Kwan Do. These stretches are, ballistic, static, and isometric. Ballistic stretching can be dangerous if you are not trained properly. Static stretching is the most common, and isometric is probably the most effective. It is best to get some form of training to do these advanced stretches. Remember it is very important to warm up first by doing some cardio. Warmed up muscles stretch much further than cold muscles. Good Luck.

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Since everybody has different flexibility ranges there really is no telling how fast one can do the splits. If this is for martial arts then you shouldn't even worry about the splits.

However, if you do everyday stretching and some general exercise you can increase your flexibility in about 4 weeks...

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