Anybody know any workout routines for kickboxing or MMA?

I'm a 29 year old male (my wife is asking this question for me, so yes, the avitar is a female) and I'm a professional MMA fighter & kickboxer. . My workout routine is getting too easy. Does anyone have any workouts to recommend to prepare me for the ring? Thank you.


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If you are truly a Pro MMA you would have a trainer/school/sponsor help you form a good workout schedule. Amateur MMA fighters don't have this luxury. Go to any Jiu-jitsu/MuayThai MMA club, someone there can always get you into shape. There's a Gracie school almost everywhere. Remember, the most important part of training is sparring/grappling, hitting a bag makes you really effective at.hitting bags.

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TaeBo seems to be both challenging and a great workout. Billie Blank has several different work out routines.

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I would do about 2 hours of running a day. at least. Stretch for one hour at least. go at a bag for about 2 hours. than practice where your striking and form practice if five hours of working out doesn't amke you tired start training with weight strapped to your body taht should get it if you already do taht level up your wieghts. go from 20-30-40 what ever you can take on your legs and 5-10-20 on your arms. Wear a waited vest. As well breathing exercises help as well learning to breath properly makes a huge differnce. Good luck

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Start with a little 30 min. cardio wokout (limited to your gas in the tank). Slowly increase as cardio ability increases. Then work technique and new stuff, work the bag around (again to your ability) for 30 minutes. Finish off with a little sparring (3 minutes each with 3 fresh opponents is a workout and a half) for each discipline (wrestling, BJJ, and striking discipline of your choice).

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