Does anyone have experience with iron shirt kung fu ?

Question:what do you know ? where did you study ? ever heard of other places to study it ?
anything else ?


Who is the best martial artist in the world?

Pay no attention to the rudeness here...I haven't started iron shirt yet, but I'm working on iron palm and any iron body training takes a long time to see results in. It's not magic. But you can learn to do some pretty cool tricks with it...I'd suggest finding a good Shaolin school, maybe Mantis, and ask the instructors if they offer the training. A video won't help much and will likely do more damage than good.

Who would you fight?

dont know but there may be some one who can washu shirt.
PS.what was the email about,simple?it didn't make any sense.

Has any1 with tai chi experienced ever beat a kung fu, boxer, or kickboxer?

Yes Ive done a bit of Iron Palm and Iron Shirt training over the last four years trained in southern mantis tong long you have to use a liniment called Dit Da Jow to condition and help with recovery after your training session. I purchase from this site

Does Kempo satisfy your self defense needs?

I do... One of my stupid friend claim I can't hurt him because of this so I give him a hard punch to stomach. He went down.

Anyone know any taikwondo or karate clubs in Sheffield?

you can get your *** killed on the street with this kind of crap. stick to real fighting and leave the stupid kill bill techniques

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