!!tips on belts!!?

how can i straighten out my new belt with out washing it because it is embroidered and i dont want the stiches to get stringy


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NEVER wash your belt. The best thing is yo wear it a lot. Be patient.

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yeah i dont know but yeah

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Wash with Woolite in cold water.

Hang dry in fresh air.

Practice a kata or two in the uniform before you show up for class.

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If it's leather, simple. The act of wearing it will straighten it to the form of your waist and you won't have to worry about a thing.
If it is too "curly" even to be worn, you can lay it on a flat surface and weight it down with books or some flat objects (make sure they won't leave impressions on the belt). After so long the belt should be straightened. You could also get leather conditioner and apply it around the areas that are embroidered before doing this, it will make it more supple and easily straightened. I hope you find a method that works!

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DO NOT WASH IT-- the color will fade and it will look bad

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What I do is lightly weight it down on both ends (by tying maybe something like a roll of quarters on both ends of the belt or something with a similar weight, because you don't need too much weight to do it) and hang it by the center of the belt on a clothes hanger, after a day or two it should be straightened out pretty well.

I do this with all my new belts

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Never wash it. Thats like washing the knowledge out. Wear it until you break it in. thats the only way.

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