*DING* Round two...Who would win>?

A longshorewoman with a broken rainier bottle or a female ninja?


Mr. Potatoe Head vs Humpty Dumpty?

Ninjas kill pirates by the hundreds. Drunken louts that they are, they are no match for the fury of a pissed off shinobi. Any real ninja, gender not withstanding, could cut the head off any pirate for any reason, or no reason at all.

This question got me so pumped I wrote a movie script about it.


A female ninja babe, wearing black and looking totally sweet, is deep in meditation.

Then this dumb *** longshoreman comes up with his stupid broken baby bottle or whatever and gets his stupid head cut totally off!


The END, baby.

Brock Lesnar?

Thundarr the barbarian !! he kicks azz !

How effective is boxing in 'mixed martial arts'?

chuck norris.

there is historical debate about the ninjas historical existance because of chuck.

He was sick of the ninja-pirate crap so he built a time machine and went back in time and hunted the ninja to extinction. Little did he know that people saw him and thought he was a ninja.

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