Anybody know what happened to Howard Brown the ex full contact karate champion ?

somebody said he had been sent to prison ? I used to be taught by him in the late 70's



Sorry to see you getting such silly answers, goodluck

What is Ging?

maybe he was abusing a girl and a rapist

What is the essence of karate?

Yeah, he woke up and realised that his art didn't work in real combat situations, so he has run away and has cried everyday ever since

What are some ways to find out which martial art to learn?

Goodluck with your search I was thinking of useing this site to ask a similiar question - sad to see the stupid answers you have so far, again goodluck with your search.

What is the right age to start Kung-Fu training?

unfortunatly all i know is taht he passed away.
im sorry i don't know any details.

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