A Thai physical build better for Muay thai?

Does the physical features of a typical thai has any effect on the development of muay thai? It seems thai have the perfect make up for muay thai. Is my idea absurd?


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considering those thai who train muay thai seriously would naturally have thier build made because they do muay thai, I would imagine that it is the art that builds them to be suited to it.

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They spend most of the time kicking trees since they were small.

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Throughout the course of my many years of martial arts, i have never trained to someone elses body type, i trained the muscles i knew i needed for whatever purpose i was using my body for, training through technique. While in judo i found certain mucsles hurt the next day after training, so i worked these muscles until they stopped hurting, and they are the muscles i use to make effective technique, making me a better judoka, in boxing, you punch mainly with the shoulder and the tricept, so my tricept, deltoid, and some obscure neck muscle got stronger. The same thing applied to everything i have ever done, if you are in muay thai currently then you will know which muscles are necessary to proper technique, through my mixed martial arts training i know that tricepts are not nearly as important to throwing an elbow as they are to punching, when i throw an elbow, i contract my lower back muscles, and my pectoral muscles, try wide stanced pushups, because with your hands farther apart less emphasis is placed on the tricept in favor of the chest, making it stronger, as for the back, get a partner and do the medicine ball toss, the three main tosses are the chest pass (chest and tricept) , the over the top pass (abs and tricepts), and the side pass (back and sides) which is thrown entierly with the back and side muscles in a rotating mortion from about hip height, tossing it back and forth for about a half an hour, provided you have an appropreiately weighed medicine ball for your strength is a good excersize. Also i use back arches a great deal for lower back strength, because it is essential to judo, and helps with hooks and elbows in striking martial arts. A back arch is a reverse sit up, lay on your stomach, and lift your chest and feet off the ground at the same time, or you can have someone sit on your feet, or put your feet under something, and you can do them faster, but a static hold is good too, lift with no one there, lift as high as you can and hold for 5 seconds, count slow, then go down and pop back up, do about sixty of those for a good workout, if that is too easy, hold longer and do more. Happy hunting.

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I think it comes naturally. So to answer your question, yes. I believe so because black people can play basketball naturally, well at least most of them. But I do believe it is the body features because, I have the same stance as muay thai when I box. I hate boxing and I have never gotten into a life threatning boxing situation before. However, when my friends forced me to put on some gloves and see what i had, they were really impressed to see that i had a natural stance.a muay thai stance. I'm not thai, but my parents did come from thailand, so i think it has something to do with it. I dont know why but it just comes natural.

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your idea is absurd. even 'typical' thais have variations in their size and build because of diet and genetics. if you look at the international circuit, there are definitely thais but the physical build does not necessarily look all the same.

There are shorter, thicker guys like Zambidis and Buakaw, there are taller skinnier guys like Yilmaz. There are all sorts of body variations. It's not about just physical build, but it's about training and natural skill... though admittedly, height plays a huge part.

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it is because for the muay thai fighters in thailand it is a lifestyle.. their diet and the fact that they start training at such a young age and they train hard... that is why their body's are so perfect for the sport.. they mould themselves that way from a very young age where as most people that train in other countries do not usually adapt to this lifestyle, or start training till later on in life and not usually for as long or hard..basically their physical Make up comes from many hard years of training, any person can achieve this apperance if they trained like the thais...

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No a thai does not have a better physical make up than any typical human being. The only thing noticeable is thai's have on average long legs, but an european or any other ethnicity can have that as well. Look at Anderson Silva or even Chuck Liddell(he used to be the American Kickboxing champ). The fact that muay thai was so well developed in thailand may also be to their advantage.

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it's the training not the race or creed or whatever.your idea is'nt as absurd as some answers.

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