Any websites, where i can learn some judo moves ?



Have you ever seen a street fight where a person got punched over and over and then ended up winning?

You are not going to learn judo that way. It's like watching someone show you how to shoot accurately, on the web. Until you take the gun in hand and shoot, it avails nothing. Judo throws take timing and flowing. That can't be learned on the web.

For anyone who does an external or hard martial art?

that has a pretty big repetoire of moves with animations... but like any other martial art and like any other physical activity, you really should learn it from someone who is qualified to teach it.

do not fall into the pit of crappling!

Anyone know of any good martial arts schools in Washington, DC?

you can get the concept from the drawings and description. but you need to "feel" the technique with a real sparring partner. and throw also requires suprisingly good amount of strength and agility. It is not all technique. Masters make the throws look effortless because they are extremely efficient in the art. It is probably safer to do throws under a good instructor who teaches proper throwing techniques and safety rules.(like holding on to your parnter when he or she falls.)

Benefits of Martial Arts?

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