Any veteran MMA fighters out there?

Do you fell that you are getting dumber the more you get hit in the head? I know boxers get dumber, but they do nothing but get hit in the head, and loose brain cells. So do you think its worth it to fight or if you could go back would you choose not to start fighting. I am in training and am looking at fighting in a few months, and if I do this I am doing it all out, so I just want to hear from some veteran fighters if its worth it or not. I love the sport, but I dont want to end up like one of these old fighters that dont know where they are half the time. Thank You


Does anyone know why we wear a white gi in shotokan?

Well there isn't an easier answer for you because not that many MMA fighters are that old now a days. The sport is still relatively new. However, that being said, the lighter gloves along with the matwork aren't nearly as traumatic on your brain as the constant pounding from heavier gloves that boxers get.

The heavier gloves rattle the brain more because they disapate the power.

Look at the retired MMA fighter now and hear them talk, guys like Bas Rutten, Frank Trigg, Randy Couture. They all seem intelligent and non the worst for wear. However you can expect that you will learn all about injuries.

You can very easily avoid some of them, but a lifetime or career as an athlete or a fighter will be wrought with some sort of injuries and later in life you will more than likely require multiple surgeries to fix knee, shoulder, or back problems. But that is part of being a fighter, or any contact sport athlete.

So if you love it, do it. Chances are with MMA you will walk away with no long term brain issues, but probably long term joint issues.

I don't know anyone who would say they regret doing it, if you are a fighter, you are a fighter. You either love it or you don't do it. I have never regretted anything I did in the realm of Martial Arts or fighting, though some mornings when the joints are creaking I might curse under my breath a little bit, but I have always enjoyed doing it because that is who I am.

On thursday on spike tv i heard that tito ortiz wants to fight dana white?

Veteran of both i feel that boxing is alot worse on your head. For the most part MMA fighting doesnt consist of even the same kind of blows to your head. Its your choice if you feel the risk is worth it.

Would this help in a real life situation?


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