Am I the only Tito Ortiz fan?

I am psyched to watch the Liddell/Ortiz fight on the 30th. But I feel like I am the only one who is rooting for Tito! I like Chuck Liddell, but Tito is my fave.


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I'm a Tito fan too, and I like Chuck Lidell and many other fighters, but i'm hoping that Tito wins this fight. There are a lot of Tito haters out there, but Tito is helping the UFC and himself by talking so much smack. He hypes up the pay per views, and you have to be a confident fighter, being the nice guy isnt going to make you win more fights. Either way, i just hope its a great fight.

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He's ok.

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Yes, you are.

I don't like either of them.

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hey i like tito too, but for this fight i'm gonna have to give it to liddell.

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No, there are a ton of Tito Ortiz fans out there who will be totally disappointed on Saturday night because he will lose. I like Tito, but Chuck is the better fighter, and he's not as arrogant as the Huntington Beach Bad Boy.

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who is he?

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My husband can't wait to watch the fight. He is a Tito fan too!

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I think both of them are getting cocky, but Liddell should take this match. Why? Well, when was the last time you saw Ortiz win a match with anything BUT "ground and pound"? And when was the last time you saw Liddell taken down to the canvas?

Oh, Ortiz did a fine job taking care of Ken Shamrock, but he had troubles with Forest Griffin. And even though they say Ortiz has won his last 5 fights, I don't even REMEMBER who his 5th fight was with.

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy will be in tears once again after the match this Saturday.

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I don't care who wins, I just think Tito is going to get his brain knocked into the back of his skull.

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Well Actually I will be rooting for Tito, but I think that Liddel will win. I want to tito to win so that there will be some more action going on in that weight class, liddel has had the title for a while now. And maybe that might play a factor in this next match, the fact that liddel has had if for years now maybe he is getting old maybe not. But the funny thing is that if Tito loses this match his situation with liddel will start to resemble that of Ken Shamrock when he lost to Tito three times before retire.

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I'm a Tito fan but also a Liddell fan. I don't think chuck is going to win the fight though. I think the same thing that happened to Matt Hughes is going to happen to Chuck Liddell. GSP lost to Hughes the first fight because he showed him to much respect. I believe that was also the case in Ortiz Liddell 1(Tito also got eye gouged by Chuck). Chuck is a decent fighter but hasn't had any good competition since he was dismantled by Rampage Jackson. Tito's been in the ring with the likes of Belfort, K Shamrock, F Shamrock, and the great V Silva. I see Tito coming out on top against Chuck.

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I think Tito is the greatest. He inspired me to take my wrestling skills and start MMA. I am a huge fan. I wear Punishment gear all the time and I seem to get a bunch of crap from people who hate him.

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Well... Ever since Tito start to bring porn star into MMA, I totally lose all respect for him. I'm really worry about MMA future. I'm scare that if someone doesn't put stop to this, it would end up put off a lot of fans who watch MMA.

However before he start go out with Jenna, I was his fan.

I've never really been Chuck aka "icethumb", "drunk hill billy", "the eye man" Liddell's fan.

So I doesn't really care much about who win this fight.

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Uh oh! Quick, call Jenna Jameson and console her while Ortiz is getting a major @ss whooping from Liddell on Saturday night.

But I will say this, Tito was one hell of a teacher on the UFC Reality show.

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Yes because not many people root for arrogant, overrated soon to be KO'd losers.

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I am a huge Ortiz fan.

I love all these casual UFC observers who assume Liddel is the favorite just because he won the first matchup. That fight two years ago means absolutely nothing now.

Ortiz has to be considered the favorite this time. Although with Liddel's one punch KO power, he could pull off the upset.

If Ortiz can avoid the big punch for the first few rounds, he will definitely win the fight.

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Funny, just watched the fight and one of my friends (a girl) commented that she thinks most Ortiz fans are girls.

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