Old japanese culture is there a beliefe that ejeculation weekens the male ?


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It is an old (and true) Chinese/Indian(Buddhist) belief.

Yin- Female. Yang- Male.

The longer a man goes without ejaculating the higher his Yang power(testosterone and other favourable hormones). The more a man ejaculates the more Yin he becomes(tired, sleepy, weak, low testosterone).

Over ejaculation is extremely harmful to the entire male being.

Here's an experiment you can try;

Go one week without ejaculating. You can still have sex, you can still masturbate but don't ejaculate. After one week you will notice your energy levels are much higher, you feel stronger, your sex drive is extremely high and your aggression may be higher also(agression is a great thing when channelled in to the right activities). You will also notice your erections are harder, your penis is larger and you have more regular spontaneous erections.

If you have been a chronic masturbator or over ejaculator for some years(more than one ejaculation per day) it may take a little more than a week of no ejaculation to see positive effects.

A good site to check out is Dr. Lin's " Actionlove.com". Very interesting reading.

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i don't really know.

it weakens men but on a short run. then they're ready to do it again. hehehehehehehe

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Non that I know of, but there is one where if a woman is caught cheating on her spouse that a group of guys would gather around her and do that on her thats where bukkae came from.

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No. There is no such belief.

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Wack as$ question. that's just weird, man.

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Some Olympic sports coaches believe so. I don't know about the Japanese. I guess you'll have to find an old Japanese dude and ask him.

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yeah much like women losing blood during menstruation---makes them light headed.

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I am not sure on Japanese beliefs, but jason d is absolutely correct as it pertains to Chinese culture. In other words, the belief is that chi is generated in the testicles for men, and the ovaries in women. Such being the case, ejaculating releases chi.

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