Any ninjas on here?

im looking for a REAL NINJA!


Who won the ufc match matt serra vs. shoney carter on ultimate fighter? im sorry to say I missed it.?

YES - don't let anyone know that i am a ninja - okay.!

How Well Can Someone Learn To Fight If...?

pirates >>>>> ninjas

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of UFC 66 ripped onto a DVD?


Jean Claude Van Damme?

they are here but you can't see them because they are ninjas.

Question for martial artists, boxers, kickboxers, etc?

No I don't think that a real ninja won't have time to play on the computer you know all that discipline and stuff.

What do you think is the most effective fighting style, your own opinion?


Strained my arm from trying to fight a submission, anyway to speed up recovery?


Strange experience?

I'm a sneaky snake!

Should Joe Rogaine be replaced as a commentator for the UFC?

Yes i am and tenth degree in ninjuital and jujistal

Why everybody find difficult of knew who is the source in martial arts as in Yoga, Filipino martial arts ?

If they are ninja are they going to tell you?

Medicine ball drills?

*reads the question silently and swiftly before leaping off, leaving no trace*

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