Anybody know anything about the army's new combatives program? What can I expect from the level 1 class?


Training or Sex?

The US military's combative programs are martial arts mutts. The Marines use a combination of Japanese jiu jitsu mixed with kick boxing and other arts. The army uses similar combinations, you will learn to kill and incapacitate. Thumbs to the throat and other lethal moves are on your plate. As well as compression locks found in Aikido to incapacitate your enemy.

Though the military does have a good program, hand to hand training is comparatively minimal when looking at all the weapons training you receive. More than anything you will rely on speed, strength, and aggressiveness to make the basics you are shown lethal.

What happened to the Hughes/St.Pierre fight?

GRAPHLING very easy ,but very gay don't look to forward to that . TAEKWANDOE might be another one,at least it was when i was in.

Do any of you go to the disney martial arts festival?

Watered down Brazilian Ju Jutsu . Learn whatever you can though , you never know when you may need it .

Low down on light heavy weight division for the next year..?

You'll learn some cool stuff for bar fights and family parties. The stuff is probably battle effective. But how are you going to know if you don't train regularly. I train in kajukenbo 3 - 4 days a week. How often after the program are you going to train? I watched a UFC special where Rich Franklin was challenged by soliders in Iraq. He beat them all. The rationale: Soliders don't train in hand to hand on a regular basis. In fact, only Spec Ops actually utilize hand to hand because they get that close to the enemy. Take the class. It will look good on your OER. Don't use it on the battlefield.

Are there any Ninjitsu schools/gyms in the Philippines?

You learn a quick course in Grappling/Jujitsu and then you are expected to retain the knowledge to trien your soldiers once every 3 months. Plus on the Battlefield how many times are you going to resort to Hand to Hand. get real not going to Happen. Some of the stuff they teach you can only be done with lots of practice not a short course and then they expect you to teach soldiers every few weeks and have them retain that knowledge. I say it is useless unless you incorparate it into the PT Program at least twice a week. Not every few weeks. Go to the website for the school Homepage

What is the training Shaolin Monks go through?

you can expect a whole lot of *** grabbing and male bonding. A watered down version of the sugarplum fairies meeting the cast of Queer Eye for the straight guy in a semi contact pillow fight. Don't expect to learn a thing and don't try anything that could possibly hurt someone, you might get put in timeout. Remember, aim low, bite (not too hard), and scratch to your hearts content. Try not to remember anything, it might get you killed if in a combat situation. Come on be real, the army isn't ready to fight a class of middle school kids in hand to hand fighting, let alone a group of insurgents in Baghdad. I truely, honestly and respectfully hope this helped you. Semper Fi. Go Marines.

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