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how do you counter headlock from behind. as a new MMA practioner, and a street brawler this is one of my weaknesses. if some gets me in the back and headlock me i feel helpless. pls help.


How do I learn good hand to hand combat that will give me a basic knowledge of reversals and locks?

I am afraid the question is not so clear and specific, what kind of headlock you are talking about (chockhing, neck fracturing or headlock from under the armpit)? and is it empty handed or with tools (e.i. lock with stick)?

However, in my humble opinion, you can handle the situation better, one way or another, if you have a strong neck muscles. Train your neck muscles to strengthen them (caution: please do it carefully, it is easy to injure yourself otherelse. Better if you do it under a competence trainer observation).

By stiffening your now-well-trained neck muscle and press your chin as close as possible to your chess you prevent yourself from worst situation (like neck fractured or chocking) and gain yourself extra time to solve the lock.

Stiffening neck muscle also the technique used by the martial artist if they perform the hard materials breaking using their forehead (concrete blocks, bricks, ice blocks or steel bars). It is believed that by stiffening the neck muscles the martial artist sends "the Chi" from it source behind the navel to the head. Beware, though, by doing so you sort of rush your blood to the head, which in some people can create dizziness.

It is need time to practice before one can achieve a usable level of this technique. And in the mean time? Play safe, OK? Do not bragging around or looking for trouble.

Whats a good martial arts/ boxin/muay etc place around sutton, surrey?

If you are serious about mma you should really find a coach to show you these things

Hey what do u think about the gimnastic martial arts??

don't panic. if you are strong enough you could suplex the guy on his head. or push away.

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The first thing you should do is to grab the guy's arm and keep your chin tucked.
Just think about getting out of there, don't try and attack back from that situation. It'll be easier for the guy to choke you out.

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stop street brawling

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