About sais?

well.ive thought about learning sais..what style of martial arts would it be found in? and how easy is it to learn


Is anyone in martial arts?

sais are generally taught as a weapon in connection with unarmed classes so people who trained unarmed MA's can feel like they are learning a weapon. Steer clear of this type of situation as they usually only teach you forms.
If you don't spar, you aren't training.

If your goal is self defence ask yourself if sai is impractical, not as much as sword, but still can be somewhat impractical as they are illegal in many states, but the training can carry over to any small metal or wood baton/stick.

I would reccomend training with the jutte instead, it would translate more directly and just about any small metal or wood peice can substitute for it. And it is more easily concealable.

However if your goal is just fun and to learn because you like the weapon then see if you can find a teacher that teaches it realistically. call some schools that do weapons training and ask.

Any idea from where i can buy a good handmade katana?

Bluto beat me to it... read what he said.

Do'nt you think learning Taekwondo kills a lot of time?

shorin ryu is the better choice for weapons

Who won huges vs st.pierre fight?

yeah bluto already answered it for me.

Taekwondo Question?

Ninjitsu, the art of the ninjas

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