Aikido...? Hapkido...? Do they really work...?

OK... I've been into karate for many years now. And I want to try something would well round my abilities. Recently, I've seen many aikido...hapkido... demonstrations. But, I noticed that the grappling, throws and joint locking seems to be well staged situations... I wonder, what if and Aikidoka or Hapkido practitioner meet head on with a karateka who's attacks are based on fast strong attack with fast retrieval. It would then become difficult to grab, throw or even get close to perform any techniques. Although in Karate, joint locking, grappling and throws are taught also, but they are not used in any type of situation when against another martial artist. The most common techniques that are used are take downs and sweeps. Any sort of joint manipulation would be performed after. So.... I'm curious, what would Aikidokas or Hapkido practitioners do when facing fast attacking martial artists with clean hits and quick retrievals?


How long have you been practicing kendo? Having fun? And how good are you at it?

I do Aikido. It is a difficult art to learn and do well. If you do it badly you get yourself into trouble but if you do it well it is miraculous.

a good practitioner of Aikido does not attempt to get close or to grab arms or anything like that - what they do is keep themselves in a position that the opponent cannot reach easily. So it makes it very easy to avoid the opponents attacks, and if the opponent really makes a good attempt to hit them then they have to overreach themselves to do it thus making them an easy target for the moves that you see demonstrated.

I wish i could demonstrate.

But on the other hand there is some truth in people's complaints about aikido - it is taught very traditionally and often people do not actually learn how to deal with situations that are not part of the training. I am really wanting to get together some students and practitioners to modernise aikido and demonstrate how it does really work in the real world.

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Both are sound grappling arts. Go for it!

How the martial art, Kenpo, compares...?

a good stand up ma wouldn't let anyone close enough to grab or ground them,but it's still important to cross train.and why wouldn't the grapples and throws you learn in karate be used,if your sensei told you this run out of there as fast as you can.he's a fraud.there just as effective as any other.i think you are very confused or misinformed.but anyway to answer your original question my choice would be aikido.
ps.i have just read some of your other questions and answers and i revise my opinion-you dont know what your talking about,period.

Who will win betwen the top 10 mma fighters vs the10 top shaoling monks?

Hapkido works with this mentality of someone who has a knowledge of Martial Arts as well as those who do not have a knowledge of fighting arts (average joe on the street), because it also uses the "hard" techniques that 90% of the Martial Arts utilize out there (ie punching, kicking, and general striking techniques), as well as the "soft" techniques that Aikido and Judo will use against an opponent.

The reason that it looks "staged" is to give the two performing the demonstration enough time to protect themselves from injury (doing a breakfall properly so as not to injure your spine, neck, and hip area) by "going with" the technique, which means the person that is being thrown is just slightly assisting the person throwing them; giving the person being thrown the time they need to perform a breakfall to protect themselves from the impact and avoid the injury that could ensue

We learn two separate disciplines, Tang Soo Do is a very prevalent striking discipline so I know where you are coming from about defending against someone who has a Martial Arts background or someone who can be adept at fighting without any Martial Arts experience.

During our classes (especially our Tang Soo Do classes) we often find ourselves having to refrain from using our Hapkido techniques (like during sparring, or our one steps techniques) on each other since we are trying to keep the training between the disciplines separate from one another.

it's very easy to blend the two disciplines and use them on and off of each other.

Aikido and Hapkido can and does work if used properly, and can have a devastating effect; on the street, unless someone knew how to counter the effects (ie perform a breakfall properly) then it would be a bad day for the person on the recieving end of many of the techniques we use in Hapkido, like a broken neck, or a serious injury to the spine. because many of them can slam a person hard on their back or drive their head directly into the ground.

many of the techniques we use can cause a serious injury if they are performed improperly or not properly countered with "going with" the technique, and that's what makes it seem like Aikido and Hapkido look staged; the two people performing the demonstration are doing what they can to keep from injuring one another, but on the street, it can translate into some serious injury.

Does anyone know where or when there are any mixed martial arts fights in the St. Louis area?

of course they worked during some time in the past to gain their reputation.

the point is now hardly anyone can fight with those techniques in a realistic sense. so the rep is being lost.

i guess it up to those in the styles to step up and engage in some friendly fights or join the ranks of tae bo

EDIT: just read quicksilver..i guess i was referring to aikido rather than hapkido, which still stays strong.

Is Muay Thai the strongest and best form of martial arts??

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How many styles of the martial arts are there?

All arts have their merit and when applied at a given time they do work. Over the past 30 years I have studied (and taught) some 6 different arts but, today and for the last 10 years it's been Kenpo Karate.

Check out Kenpo because it is one of the most well rounded arts you'll find.

Good luck and what ever you do, don't give up.

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I'm not to sure about the aikido but ive been doing hapkido for just over a year now with intensive training im nearly a black belt. Me and my training partner asked basicly the same thing when we started and our instructer told us that it is only a base line, you can make it you own e.g ive just been learning some knife defence and ive already changed it from it being a inner arm stab to the throat to a right/left hook punch and knocked somebody to the floor only a few days ago...

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