About to take Muay Thai and I need more info!?

First of all, is this sport brutal? Is it scary? How tough is the workout? How much pain would you go through and how extreme will it be?


How come no one is answering my question?

Muay Thai is as brutal as You want it to be..
A few tips for a total beginner.. The instructors aren't big tough, brutal ogres.. They will in you first few weeks take you through the basic moves and help you build on them with speed and power, (the hardest part will be the physical workouts to get your fitness up.. like skipping, pushup's etc..) mostly the first few weeks you can expect to do alot of bag work and drills with a partner.. after this you will advance to "light sparring" which will teach you how to read opponents and react to kick's punches etc.. expect a few bruises but it isn't overly painful.. (you will do alot of ab exercies in class and kicking heavy bags to condition your body for hits..) I'm a girl and while going through this process it is more a little uncomfortable than painful.. Once your instructor feels you are ready .. he will get you into full contact sparring, but in class this is a controlled enviroment so you have nothing to worry about.. if it you get too overwhelmed or are uncomfortable at any point.. you have the right to stop the sparring.. You may need to do this for a while untill you get used to it as it is quiet confronting.. and a good instructor will not put you in any situation you feel uncomfortable in.. It is a brutal sport in the fact that your kicks/punches etc.. will become very powerful and fast in a short amount of time.. also when you do get to the stage of full contact sparring (or even fighting in the ring) your body and mindset will be well prepared for the devastating blows.. not saying you wont walk away with occasional bruises and pains, but it is worth it.. the training is effective and works quick, before you know it you'll be withstanding some of the most powerful blows and still be standing. I Love the sport and sure you will too.. Im glad I found Muay Thai..

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The sport can be brutal, but only if you become a professional fighter and participate at non-sanctioned fights. Any martial art can be scary at first, but once you learn the technique and practice, you get over it. The workout is very tough, the drills are long and hard, you have to do heavy sparring, so bruises are common. You have to go to alot of pain, but the benefit is unreal, you REALLY train to fight, and to fight effectively. The level of how extreme it will be depends on you, how often you train and compete.

Recommendation: just take it! you have testicular fortitude, you'll LOVE it!

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very brutal. be prepared for sore legs and possibly cracked ribs from time to time. the sport is worth it. it not only does it have beautiful techique, but it is also very practical in the ring or street. it'll teach you to strike from a distance and in close. cracked ribs hurt and affects the breathing. it's painful, but it'll make you stronger. good luck

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it will be the best thing you ever did for yourself. there is only pain if you get hit, or have incorrect techniques. the longer you do it, the less failings you will have and more successes. to be professional you need to eat, drink, sleep and breathe it, but you WILL improve in health and confidence in only a short time.

it may seem scary when you first start, but each time you go home you will be amped and hungry for the next session. regardless of the other peoples abilities, you should be warmly welcomed and paired with a mix of skills that will allow you to grow and improve.

if you start, give yourself a 6 month target before you decide to leave or stay. that way you will be exposed to enough of it to know if it is for you. I promise you that if you stay regular, follow instruction and stick with it, you wont believe your progress from your start day.

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