?figure 4 armbar?

Just curious--; but how do you do a figure 4 armbar standing, and whats some of the better ways to set it up?


Can any one give me some advice usefull when fighting?

I could show you a hundred figure four locks or armbars. Maybe I could explain one here, but if you want more information, here's a link to a YouTube video that shows and armlock drill. The one I'm explaining is the third lock in the video.


I'm going to explain this as you would be training with someone; not as a real fighting situation.

Stand facing your partner with his right arm extended, like it would be if he gave you a straight punch. Put the back of your left wrist on the bottom of his right wrist and the knife edge of your right hand on the inside of his elbow joint, just below his bicep. From there, you press down and pull in with your right hand while your left hand guides his wrist towards his right shoulder. When his arm is bent like a chicken wing, put your right hand on your left bicep (or your left wrist) and your left hand on his right hand, bending his wrist. This locks out his arm while giving you control of the right side of his body. You can also deliver your right below to his face, neck, w/e, while in this lock. There! You've just done a figure four lock!

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