Aikido vs. Taekwondo?


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they are both 2 entirely different styles that focus on 2 different points. one is a striking art where the other is an art based on joint manipulation. in a fight between a practioner of each, it would be a toss up. and are we talking true Korean TKD or ATA TKD? if it's the true Korean, i would put my money on the TKD practioner because he would efectively keep the Aikido practioner out of reach by striking, if it's an ATA TKD practioner, Aikido hands down.

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aikido is a very passive art where tkd is an aggressive art. i dont mean this as it sound but tkd relies on attacking and counter attacking. where aikido uses redirction and diversion for its movements.

now if your asking which one would win in a fight there is no real answer i can give you. there are to many variables to really say. it all depends on who is facing who.

but if you are asking which style is better thats up to the person looking to study them. i have taken both of them i like them both. i like tkd because of the competing and sparring that it has. i like the weapons and rolls that aikido uses.

hope this can give you some insight as to what your looking for. but please next time be a little more spicific on what your asking so i can be more helpful.

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As a practitioner of both, (began taking Aikido at a seperate school when I got my 4th Dan in TKD), I must say that they differ greatly in both expectations and techniques.

To begin with Tae Kwon Do, It is extremely aggressive and focused on being on the attack. The kicking is dynamic and effective. Depending on whether you practice traditional or olympic style TKD will depend on your experience. The four main components of TKD training include Forms, Breaking, Self Defense (sparring and one steps), and Knowledge/philosophy.

Aikido on the other hand, is focused on center. It uses harmonious action to lead the opponent through techniques designed to keep the Nage (loosely defined as defender) safe from the Uke (one who attacks), by taking his balance or otherwise controlling his center. Aikido has much focus on multiple opponent defense (randori) as well.

If you were to ask who would win in a fight, then I would say it depends obviously on the skill levels of each person. However, basic aikido provides little defense against kicking and would be disadvantaged by this vicious assaulting. Taekwondo on the other hand would be disadvantaged by the fact that footwork in Aikido focuses on keeping Nage in a superior position, and Aikido does an excellent job of unbalancing the opponent.

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It depends on whether or not you prefer a linear style(tae kwon do) to a circular style(aikido). I prefer a linear style because I prefer to be the aggressor, circular styles use counter strikes and angles to defeat opponents which is defensive. In theroy circular always cancels out linear but either style is dangerous if applied properly

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Of course this is a point of view question and you'll get answers for both sides. I have trained Aikido for may years and although have had many chances to train TKD, I refuse. There is no need. I have no intrest in TKD. I have been around it for many years and see no practical, or reallness in combat. Now you could say this about Aikido as well, if you haven't trained it. I have practical use of Aikido in real life combat so I know that it works, plain and simple. I won't say for others TKD isn't good because that is a judgment call and I won't speak for others. For me TKD is at the very bottom of the list of every ma in existance as far as practical usage.

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Ki - qi or energy
Do way
The harmony of Qi

Tae - to trample
Kwon - Fist
Do - Way
The Way of Trampling with the fist [& legs]

There is no development of Qi power or internal strength in Tae Kwon Do as I know. Therefore I favour AiKi vs TaeKwon. Although I have done both. Having seen the true exponent of both, Aiki is definitely a much much higher form of martial art.

To me, the skill of Tae Kwon Do can be graded and learnt. But to harmonize your Qi with your opponent and become one with him to subdue him with "internal power" is either you are white or black belt. Either you are novice or master. The skills are easy to learn like in Tae Kwon do but to Master is difficult. Aikido has no middle path either you master it or you have nothing,

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