About the street fight between Lee Murray and Tito Ortiz in a bar outside of London, ¿who is saying the truth?

That really happen, but what i want to know is which version is the real one, the suppose original version is that murray in deed make crap to of tito ortiz and theres witnesses like pat miletich to confirm who said "Lee lit him up like a christmas tree, and kicked his head like a football." i think that is a lot of evidence, personally i believe to murray, he's the real deal, but at the end my question is these ¿what really happen?


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I don't recall Pat Miletich ever saying Murray lit Tito up like a Christmas tree. Basically what happened is that it got broken up before it even started. Both were drunk at the time, as well as their friends. Murray himself has changed his story several times as to what happened that night. As for Murray being real. Yes, he is a real criminal. Helped pull off one of the biggest heists in Britain's history, by putting a gun to a bank presidents wife & kids, threatening them. Thats the real deal alright. But I guess Tito is much more worse then that right?

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Hi , Suggest a good place to start is Lee Murray's Wikipedia page , Regards TM

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