Any experience with Internal Martial Arts or Inner Power?

Question:Please give me comment with Empty Force from Paul Dong and Inner Power or Tenaga Dalam from Indonesia. What I know the enemy will be hit from a distance without any physical contact.
Great appreciate the wise comment.


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go to and look up "yellow bamboo" that is the wisdom you seek spider monkey! Its the ability to harness chi in to a super magnetic Sharooken! Have you seen street fighter the game? Where they throw fireballs from their hands? same principle! Its totaly real, another great person to learn from is Dillman. the coolest guy on this earth! its totaly real. I even saw him fight Gozilla once!

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what? Ask George Lucas he invented this. It is called the Force youngling. Meaning its make believe

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check out the funky chicken dancers:

If you actually believe this crap then I suggest you check out george dillman or as hood12 said check out the yellow bamboo vs. reality clip to see what REALLY happens when people think they can shoot chi blasts and hit people without touching them.

Deluded loosers.

Internal martial arts are generally the medium through which this bull- sh-it is passed. It is not real. Any legitimate internal martial arts teacher will either tell you it is bs. or give you some logical explanation and meaning of chi. such as "technique", power, structure, adrenalin, etc. And for the record by legit, I mean one who trains with resistance not only sitting in central park with a bunch of old people doing choreographed moves in slow motion.

Not magical hollywood powers.

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Tenega Dalam only works if your enemy get angry..
if your enemy is a cool person, u can hit him.
u need to use other technique to fight him.

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