"Thaiboxers need to feel like feather".Meaning they should not feel their body weight.?

Is there any ways i can lighten my body and make my body feel like feather so that i cant feel my body weight and eventually i will end up kicking fast.!hehe. thanks!


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I agree with Eddie. There is no substitute for powerful legs when wanting to improve your mobility,kicking quickness and power.

Squats, leg presses, calf raises, and a lot of rope skipping will do the trick.

I also recommend "quick twitch" double roundhouse leg kicks practiced on the long heavy-bag. You throw two roundhouses to the bag in rapid succession (as rapidly as you possibly can). Don't think about how you are going to get your shin on the target twice, or all of the various steps involved, but only about the desired results: "CONTACT, CONTACT"!! You will be amazed how much quicker you will become when you don't clutter your mind with all of the details, and instead, just react. Remember to turn your hip over, toward the target. A lot of your quickness will come from your hip action as well.

When I competed, I was able to throw two successive leg kicks, recoiling completely in between, very quickly. At the peak of my fighting career I weighed 158 lbs and felt like a feather in the ring. I was squatting 370 lbs at that time and skipping rope at least 45 minutes straight per workout. I credit these exercises and my bag work for maximizing my kicking quickness.

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lift weights and stretch a lot

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squats perhaps, squat 150% of your body weight?

This is just a suggestion, so please take care if you do follow it.I used to do squats at the gym, and it feels like i can jump really high afterwards, and I can still bounce on my feet pretty easily.

you might as well do calf raisers while youre there, and cut down on fatty foods...and do lots of skipping

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It mean you need to be totally relaxed. Your body should be sorta limpy if someone push you, not rigid and tensed up. This is the most difficult part of Muay Thai to learn because so many people really tense up which make them slower and hit/kick softer.

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become vegan

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im a mma fighter and the best way is to just get lighter on your feet and get stronger legs and abs! work out on squats and leg presses do lots of jump rope but the most important thing in kicking hard is in the waist the turn and the abs!! work out your abs and do lots of weighted twists! the power will come if your techniqe is there!!

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It means that you have to be light on your feet all the time, and be conditioned to such a point where you don't get tired and feel "heavy", you could be a 220lb fighter and feel like a feather. As far as kicking fast, it comes down to training as well, keep on practicing.

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