Any wording ideas for sending announcements for earning a black belt in karate?

My 11 yr old daughter is about to receive her black belt and we are wanting to send announcements to family and friends.Any wording ideas.


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Carol gave a great answer.

For those people who question awarding a Black Belt to someone under 16, you need to realize that these are, usually, provisional black belts that are reviewed when the student turns 16.

A black belt is more than just an award at the end of training. A black belt is the acknowledgment by your school that you have reached a level of dedication and effort required to begin learning.

I love Carol's idea for the announcement and would only add that you should encourage your daughter to continue training otherwise, like anything else, her skill will atrophy.

In TKD her belt progression would proceed as follows:

11 - 1st Degree
13 - 2nd Degree
16 - 3rd degree
20 - 4th degree
25 - 5th degree
31 - 6th degree
38 - 7th degree
44 - 8th degree
53 - 9th degree

The important milestones are 3rd degree, since that is what you will be able to put on her college applications, and 5th degree, since she will be able to put that on her job applications.

Continued training shows dedication and an ability to stick to a difficult course and see it through.

Good luck and congratulate your daughter for me.

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I would make small black belts with (black) material and buy white fabric marker and print the invitation on the belt. No special wording necessary with the black belt in hand. You could mark the fabric with her name and date in which she earned the belt and on the other side the time, date, and where the event will be held. Tell her congratulations.

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you are joking?arn't you?i hope so.

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What a good question, this is a big occasion, hope it goes well for you

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Congrads. to your 11 year old for getting the black belt.

I really want to write more but I must remember, be nice, be nice. I keep typing, then erasing. Again, congrads to her for this wonderful accomplishment. I was nice, I was nice.

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It brings tears to my eyes to know that I was right.
A 11 year old black belt, and people wonder why belts have become a sham in America and the world over.
Why don't you just write on your announcements: We have spent a crap load of cash so my daughter can have this black belt. And she knows several Kata so beware.

Martial arts have become a business, nothing more. An instructor should be asshamed to give, and I use the word give, a Dan rank to a child. But I forget, it is Kata that makes a black belt now days.

It is a horrid misuse of skill to turn a way of protection into a scam, a sham and a money making business.

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