How long is your belt tests?

Question:Basically, mine takes around 45mins to 1 1/4 hrs out of a two hour class.

I've seen various people say their test is 4-6-8 hrs long..what on earth can you during a test that takes that long?


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These long grading tests are a load of *... What does running have to do with martial arts? A grading is supposed to be a test of your skill and knowledge not your bloody fitness, fitness should be assumed not proven, you will never in your life be in a situation where a fight lasts for hours... If you can't finish a fight in under a few minutes then you will most likely be the one who is finished...

Whoops... Sorry, I don't mean to put other people styles down... I just don't see the point personally. Seems like an excuse to charge more cash. But they probably have their reasons, as long as you agree with them then go with it.

PS fighting ususes primarily the anearobic energy system and no one can opperate using that energy system for lengthy periods of time. So in my opinion legnthy gradings prove nothing about fighting, not even fighting fitness but that's just my opinion.

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Most of the ones I've seen have been about the time you describe (meaning 45 to 75 mins).

Four to 8 hours is a hell of a long time. Maybe for a multi-level dan? But for pre-black, I can't imagine how you can go that long.

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Usually about an hour.

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my apprentice black belt test (our version of a black belt test, as we do something different for black belt promotion) was 3.5 hours long, and it was just me testing. What did i do for 3.5 hours? Everything that i had learned in the last 5 years, every form, every kick, every punch, every stance, every set, every roll/break fall, grappling, sparring, board breaking, etc.everything! It was tough, but the whole point of it wasn't to see how well i remember things or how well i do the techniques, but was more of a test of endurance to to see if my instructor could 'break me' and guess what...he didn't

edit...A) our tests are a flat rate of $ it doesn't matter how long the test we really don't do anything to make money off of our running a school is more of a hobby than a business...

and B) we don't have long tests to prove fitness...we have long tests because of everything we need to cover... 9-10 forms, 9 sets, about a zillion kicks...etc...and we do board breaking not because the board tried to hurt us (mr. miyagi philosophy) but to show body control...

and we have a mixed blend of martial arts...we used to call it a mixed martial art...but that term seems to be synonomous with a bunch of idiots in a cage beating on each other (sorry to any MMA 'artists' out there...i don't see the UFC as being a martial ART) mixes tang soo do, judo, ju jutsu as well as many many other martial arts...we call it Tao-Do

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We do a traditional test that lasts 13+/- hours.

It breaks down like this.
8:00 PM - Bow in, begin a regular class to warm up
9:00 PM - Forms
10:00 PM - Sparring
11:00 PM - Traditional one step/ Street fighting one-step
12:00 AM - Knife/club/gun defense
1:00 AM - Grappling
2:00 AM - Thesis presentation
3:00 AM - Sleep
6:00 AM - Running
7:00 AM - Forms
8:00 AM - Sparring
9:00 AM - Breaking
10:00 AM - Belt presentation

This is a fasting test, so no food but as much liquid as you want.

We don't invite people to test until we know they can do everything. The 13+/- hour test forces you to demonstrate your skill and perseverance, especially when you are bone tired.

As for breaking, it serves a couple of purposes:

1) Technique demonstration
2) Confidence building

We just finished a black belt test two (2) weeks ago, three students tested for 1st degree, one (1) for 2nd degree, two (2) candidates tested just to let them know what was going to be expected of them, and three (3) 2nd degrees were prepping for their 3rd degree test.

Additional information as requested:

Yes, 13 hours. We are testing that you know, and can demonstrate, everything you have been taught in a stressed situation, when you are exhausted, when every muscle and bone starts to hurt.

Why? Because we tell folks we're training for self defense. What good is a black belt that can't defend themselves just because they are tired or sore? Our goal is to supplant instincts with training and the only way to test that is to put people in a situation where their training must overcome their instincts. We could drop them in the middle of a gang fight, but we've found the 13 hour test to be a better tool.

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an hour or two

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well usually about an hour depends how many people are there... and the higher belt you are the more you have to do and the test will last longer.. but im new to this and only been to like 2 tests.. this is what ive heard. most of the time you have to wait to go which may take a while

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when i went from white to yellow i only had to test 4 things

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my gradings are usually 2 1/2-3 hours long which isn't that bad if you get the proper sleep b4 hand and I take Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Doh Jundokan

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I train in shaolin kung fu and the longest test I've had so far was for an intermediate level which took seven and a half hours. We went through EVERYTHING and also had a written test.

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