A good demonstration for kids?

Question:How is the technique and should other clubs do demonstrations like these. The humor is unique.


What do you think?


Who are the owners of the ufc??

I am so embarrassed for that girl.
That was so unnatural and cheesy. It makes me glad that I didn't take TKD.

In a real assault, she wouldn't do a cartwheel/back flip and be so animated. Not only that, it was all so slow. As if attackers will really just stand around like that and as if she will be able to take her sweet time.

It should be more real! In real life, both of them would attack her at once and try to overpower her together.

Will I over train my biceps or my tricepts, if I finish weight training then do sets of pushups every 20 mins?

OMG.. I really don't know where to start. I cringle and cover my eyes when watching it. It feel like my face was on fire from blushing at how embarassing that clip is! I really hope no one take them seriously. If I was there, I seriously would have ran out.

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