A mixed martial arts question?

Is there anyone in either the UFC or Pride that can beat Fedor?


Awnser this?

fujita showed that fedor is somewhat human, and i say somewhat because any other human would have taken the fish dance to the next level and fallen, except maybe mark hunt. coleman and randleman showed that he can be taken down. and heath herring and big nog showed that a little heart can go a long way. fedor WILL NOT lose in pride under pride fc rules. and by this i mean, in the ufc, rules favor the wrestler where a takedown and a stall can win u a fight. whereas in pride, the fighter thats active will win the fight and stalling gets a yellowcard. and fedor NEVER stalls. i think a PRIME ricco rodriguez could have beaten fedor in the ufc buy taking him down and just laying and praying for dear life... but that was four years ago. also, back in 2000 a lotf of people felt that arona should have won the fight, but that was in an reorganization that didnt allow shots to the head while on the ground

Kung Fu Class Problem?

dont no dont care

Hap Ki do class?

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic probably can beat Fedor. As for everyone else, I really don't see anyone else who can do it.

What are some good resources for MMA particularly BJJ?

yes, lots of guys have a punchers chance

What is your favorite Martial arts film you have seen?

Anybody could get "lucky" on any given day but I doubt that it's going to happen any time soon.

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