Anybody tried bas ruttens combo drill workout?


Pride Fighting PPV?

Yes! Great workout! A real a*s-kicker. It gets pretty hard to spring back up from those commands of "defense" after a while. I was doing 2 minute rounds (I think) with 1 minute rest in between. Throwing the strikes is fun, then you hear the defense command three times in a row and you have to sprawl and jump back up in time for the next command, just to have to sprawl again. Definitely a fast paced workout. Lots of fun though. Better than a spinning class or Pilates or something like that.

I'm planning on learning aikido, is it a good form of martial arts to learn?

I have to say bas rutten is the shiit...and that self defense video he made was so hilarious. BBBoommm theres the head butt right there..boommm theres a elbow out of nothing..lmao hes awesome

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