Any results on ufc spike tv?

Want to bet my friends ?Be nice to know where to put my $$$ on the winner


Fedor vs Lindland?

Lutter totally imposed his gameplan on Patrick Cote, took him down as Cote attempted a to stand back up Lutter caught him in an armbar.

Matt Sera won a decision over Chris Lytle, I think Lytle fought well but matt was constantly the agressor dispite the fact the Lytle (the striker) constantly stuffed his jui-jitsu attempts that would have smothered a lesser opponent, it was a decision surrounded by contraversy as serra was booed constantly during the trophy presentation and even had the balls to call the current Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes a "Fu.cking D.ckhead".

Jorge Rivera mounted an excellent standup offense forcing Edwin "Bam Bam" Deewees into the cage taking punishment and although he took very little if any actual damage he made no attempt to be offensive or even better his position forcing the referee to end the fight

Thales Leites faced Martin Kampmann. Heavily hyped fighters can have a huge impact on the sport (Anderson Silva), while others are just that... hype (Sean Gannon). Thales Leites had quite a bit of hype coming into his bout with Martin Kampmann, but the Brazilian was unable to live up to the fans' anticipation after gassing out late in the first round and getting knocked around for the remainder of the fight. Kampmann looked very good with his stand-up, and to Leites credit, he withstood a world of punishment in the second and third rounds without being finished. At the end of the day, Martin Kampmann is the fighter walking out still undefeated in the UFC, while Leites heads back to Brazil to figure out what went wrong.

In what was one of the most exciting fights in recent UFC history, Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith squared off with his good friend from the show, Pete “Drago” Sell. This fight was taped as a preliminary bout earlier in the night and aired during the Spike TV broadcast.

On paper, it seemed like Sell would want to take the fight to the ground, where he would have the advantage over Smith, but it was much the opposite as these two threw everything, including the kitchen sink, at each other while standing up. They both smiled continuously as they pounded on one another and at the end of the first round, they hugged and almost looked like they were going to the same corner after the round. The second round saw much of the same but with a couple of minutes remaining, Pete Sell landed a very big shot to Scott Smith’s ribs, causing him to buckle and stumble towards the corner. Just as Smith fell to one knee and “Drago” moved in for the kill, the former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion mustered just enough strength to throw one more punch, and in dramatic fashion he absolutely floored Sell with the shot. Just barely having the strength to jump up and finish the fight, Smith instantly crumbled afterwards, holding his stomach in obvious pain. There’s not much of a chance that the UFC won't bring back both of these fighters after what has to be considered fight of the night.

Also, Rich “No Love” Clementi and Din Thomas put on an action packed fight, as the 155-pound fighters usually seem to do. The fight remained standing for a big part of the first round with Clementi throwing heavy shots but Thomas was the definitively better striker, landing the crisper punches throughout.

In the 2nd round, the action was moving at a feverish pace and Thomas was able to truly display how much his stand-up game has advanced when he picked Clementi apart. After a few heavy shots, Thomas moved to take Clementi’s back, where he secured a rear naked choke, forcing the submission and getting the win. Din Thomas is just another very dangerous opponent in an already stacked UFC lightweight division, but he made no bones about who he wants next when he called out UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk, saying that Sherk had his title.

Karate exercises?

Lutter won, Serra won, Din Thomas won, JOrge Rivera won, pete sell lost

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