Ab training?

How often should you do abs? What is a good workout or what some good exercises to build up the abdominal muscles? For the upper, lower, and side abs?


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do your abs every other day fully and every day do a half workout a full workout should be about 35 to 40 mins. and a half no less than 15 try and go full out for 1 min. intervals with maybe 10 to 40 second rests in between depending on your ability. my favorit's are partner leg throws, and ABC leg lifts this is where you lay on your back with your legs straight out in front of you and you spell the letters of the alphabet as far as you can go in capitols try and keep your legs straight and your neck flat on the ground. Also do crunches to the sides with your hands across your chest so you dont pull on your neck and make sure never to jerk up your head. otherwise any basic abb workout will probably suit you. just make sure its something you will enjoy doing otherwise you wont get as much out of it.
i am a highschool athlete who puts a lot of time into the abs and works with the trainer at my school personely.

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Everyday, but you have to do cardio also to actually see a difference. I watch fit tv and they have a lot of different instructors and shows that work on just the core. So how about you try that.

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how often: a good ab regimine would be 3x a week..

here's a list of good ab workouts that you can check out: http://www.shapefit.com/training.html#1...

it has exercises for upper, lower and side abs..

good luck and remember to stretch before, during and after you work any muscle...


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Are you looking to build your abs or see them defined?

all ab excercises will do is build them up, if you want to get defined you need to do cardio and weight excercises designed to tone rather than build. HIIT is the best form of cardio for this (High Intensity Interval Training).

Remember though, abs are built in the kitchen, not in the gym.

What you eat is most of the story. read some sports nutrition and nutrition books to get the basics down and don't go for "canned diets" until you are able to understand the logic and effect and the how and whys of what to eat and what not to.

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Walking helps alot, It help me build mine.

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crunches.?sorta like sit ups but different. the problem is with situps and crunches is most people dont teach them right.if you dont do them right there a complete waste of time.(as with most excersises)if you put 100% effort into doing a particular excersise or10% effort if your doing it wrong theres not much difference in the benefit you get from it.believe it or not do do do do do.
its hard to explain how to do sit ups and crunches correctly(it's even hard to show someone it takes a few go's for most people to get it right.But i'll give it a go.
sit ups:legs stay flat on ground lift from buttocks up until elbows almost touch knees hold-(keep strain on and dont bend your back)return heres the impotant part -keep the same amount of strain returning as sitting up dont allow your shoulders to touch the ground-hold. etc.the point is not to relax any part anytime?
the main difference between crunches and sit ups is with crunches you lift knees and shoulders at the same time to the point where there most strained(without tearing things).I dont know if i explained it very well but try it you should be able to work it out.only you know how often dont give up because your sore but dont overdo it and tear things either.PS>if anyone can explain it better please feel free to add comments.

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