Aikido vs. Kung-fu?

Which one do you prefer and why? I'd appreciate answers from experienced people or from ones genuinelly interested in this, and not from people who just say " I don't know" or similar to get the goddamn 2 points!10x.


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Thats a tough one for me. I think every style has greatness in them. It is the individual that makes it great and work more so.

at my age now and being partially disabled I would probably choose aikido because I could rely more on using my opponents own body weight against them even from a wheel chair.

Kung Fu is great, but once your in a wheel chair its awful hard to kick and punch and you do not learn the joint locks and techniques on the level Aikido offer, which you know is derived from Aiki Jujitsu.

If I was not disabled then I would choose neither, and would stick with what I already have, Shotokan, Shotokai, Kenpo, TKD, Arniss and Iado. Id like to learn Tai Chi and Qui Qong for its healing aspects, it is the yang of martial arts focusing internally rather than the yin which is more external like Karate and Kung fu.

In the end, I would learn them both if possible because i beleive their is something to be learned from every style and I love to learn new techniques to add to my style, so I would learn them both just one first then the other. Probably Kung Fu first if I was not disabled and Aikido if I was disabled.

ANd John212 THis is a question about MA not Religion so take your bible thumping butt into the Religous section if you want to banter about God and Religion, it is irrelevant to this category and Martial Arts, for it is a philosphy not a Religion. I am not anti Religious but this is not the place for it, if you cant answer the question being asked why bother to say anything at all. He did not ask us to choose for him, just our opinion from some serious GODDAMN martial artists. Not a thumper like you.

Hope that was good enough for your 10 points LOL..=] Just kidding.

Theres a martial art, a form of karate called somthing like su kado, but i have no idea of the proper spelling

Personally I love Aikido cause it goes with the flow coming not against it! So does Tai Chi... I practice both and they are actually non-violent martial arts for that matter yet very efficient.They actually copy the laws of Nature & Universe! Kung fu is hot too but you can actually hurt or injure someone very badly with it . Martial arts are supposed to promote peace initially not WAR.

Now gimme the 10 gotham city points! LOL

Bruce lee, jackie chan, and jet li? who would win if they really fought each other?

I believe it would be just as possible for you to ask your question without the profanity. You may be asking a core group that is 25% people who believe in God, like me.

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if i studied aikido, i would be looking forward to studying kung fu & vice versa. so its a matter of which one to do first.

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Well it's not a matter of MY preference because in the end 'm not making the decision (since I've already made my own decision as to what discipline I want to study) to make, but more as to what YOU or what you want your child (if you have children) to get out of it whether it's fitness, discipline, a hobby, etc. because by learning a Martial Art, you're learning self defense to begin with.

and there is NO Martial Art that's "better" than any other because they ALL have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Aikido is good as a more non aggressive discipline because it doesn't use "strength for strength" techniques to subdue the opponent.

The Disciplines (notice I'm referring to more than ONE Martial Art here) within the collective of Kung Fu utilize the entire body as a weapon and specializes on the economy of using techniques to end a confrontation as quickly and minimally as possible i.e using equal force and striking quickly and decisively to end the fight and subdue the opponent.

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i don't know anything about kung-fu..

Anyone on here do martial arts??

Aikido is a style of Japanese martial arts. Kung-fu, a Chinese word meaning skill, time, and task, is the measure of individual skill in any endeavor. Also, Kung-fu is the measure of how a person devotes themself to a specific task. Think of a Kung-fu person as a devoted expert to a profession.
Example: "He is a Kung-fu salesman, a Kung-fu teacher, etc."

The word Kung-fu has become synonymous with Chinese martial arts, though it is NOT an art itself.
Here is a better explanation of the word:

So, Aikido is the only art of preference to your question.

Aikido, also known as Aiki-Jutsu is a style founded by Morihei Uyeshiba in 1942. It is a sophisticated form of Goshin-Jutsu based on Japanese Sword techniques that uses mainly circular motions to disrupt and redirect an opponent's energy. A fantastic art to learn.

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Both are fascinating arts. I myself would go with Kung Fu because there is more to it than aikido. Kung fu has a lot of strikes and kicks, and depending on the style, groundfighting as well.
To the poster who said Tai Chi is a non-violent art - a lot of
the moves can be used as arm breaks and dislocations, so it's not as non-violent as you think.

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i duuno bout aikido..but hapkido is far betterfor me cuz i have a large bulky body & it teaches my to be flexiable. Plus it's a "soft" martial arts

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As with any style, it depends on you ability within the style. Aikido is based on your opponents movements...and it is one style. Kungfu is actually a compilation 5 styles...My back ground is in Kenpo and Jujitsu of which I attained 5th Dan about 15 years ago. I have been studying Tai Chi for 10 years and recently started Kung Fu a year ago...Kung fu requires a different focus on the exercise than Aikido...I prefer it because it is aesthetically better for what I want now...

The question really comes down to what do you want? So you want to learn to whip someones butt, or do you want to learn a really cool way to excercise...then you can decide what style to learn...Then start interviewing Sensei's about their style and their way of teaching so that you will have more information to make your decision.

Good luck in your search!

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The point is really: what do want to do with it.

For self defense or any kind of true and realistic fighting Aikido is nonsense!! Aikido simply doesn't work!

On the other hand there are many different Kung Fu styles. In fact they are so different from each other that your question canĀ“t be answered properly without specifying a certain Kung Fu style.

But in general the most Kung Fu styles are not comparable with MMA (Thai-Kickboxing, Wrestling, Brazil Jiujitsu) when it comes to real fighting instead of living in dreams of Hollywood movie Kung Fu.

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i do aikido.. and my friends do kung fu.. i like em both and wouldint at all mind learning both... but yea in what i do there are no strikes.. just throws joint locks and that type of stuff. and the tien shan pai stuff meh friends do they study much more. so i guess kung fu has a broader curriculum... but ey would u rather b decent at every thing or really good at 1 thing. but ne ways my not Aikido AND Kung-fu.. I just dont recomend tryin 2 learn em at the same time..

Is this too much working out?

Well there are some very good awnsers here, so first of all take note that Kung Fu translates to hard work, or diligent study. Now with that said, there are many style of Chinese Martial Arts Disipline you may choose to study most are very effective at defending yourself from would be attackers. Some are easier to learn that others. While one style may specialize in low horse stance strikes and fancy high kicks, another may utilize straight center line punches and redirecting block techniques, with low trapping kicks, or sweeps. There is much to ponder.

Akido is a fine Martial Art to study its ability to redirect opponents with little effort on your part utilizing your attackers momentum against them lets you control your opponent without harming them.

In the end you do have much to study before YOU make a choice. so direct your efforts to find as much information as you can on these subject and choose well...


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I would argue that anything is better than Aikido.

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