Question:how can i increase my accuracy with throwing daggers/needles...if u can throw needles...hmm...i would really like to throw needles is there a way i can start that anyof u know of?
(oh and if your an point grubing retard whocant answer seriously or has nothing tosay leave me alone and go do something useful like ...cleanse the world of your stupidity.)


Is kyokushin karate all its cracked up to be?

The smaller your target the more intense your focus.
Control your breathing. Exhale when throwing.
In your mind, envision the weapon striking the target.

Kicking faster?

Practice.. practice...practice!!! I have a large wooden rectangle set up in my back yard. I throw knives, tomahawks, stars and torpedos, almost every day.

Does anyone know any trickster places around South Pasadena?

you mean needle... needle? As in tiny weeny needle you use in sewing? Well, then just make a tiny weeny little target, about 100th of an inch away┬┤. You won't miss it, and then you can invite al your insect friends to rejoice with you.

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