Any1 no d name v d kungfu worldchamp n natgeos 'sci. bhind d martial arts' epsode?

Question:i wanna know his particular style cuz i wanna learn it :p

why do they give you 1000 characters for details but only 110 for the actual question??


Could anyone beat Bruce Lee ?

arent you lucky i tivo'ed it
Alex Huynh, he does shaolin by the way.

Martial arts?

I wish i nu wot ur tkin abt. D gramma iz so bldy awful I can`t b bthrd..My brain has load`s of capacity sweetie, having A level English it finds this language obnoxious and unnecessary.

How bad does Rich Franklin's nose hurt?

can you rewrite as dont understand the question

Judo 101?

Hello you are not in a chat room or on your mobile. Please speak a language that might allow us to interact.

Serbo-croat would be preferable to this nonsense.

How come in some karate tournament's groin attacks are allowed ?

Could you please delete your awful question - it attacks the English language so aggressively that I fear it might not survive!

How do I overcome being nervous while testing?

I think this is the person your thinking about

Wu-Shu (Kung-fu) was represented by the reigning Olympic champion. Each of them was given a snippet to briefly discuss their style.

Bruce lee, tyson?

Aside from all the other comments regarding language, which I whole heartedly agree with as an English graduate, I think I'd be inclined to find the National Geographic channel web site and contact them.
In fact here's the URL:
Maybe they will have the answer for you. Although if you are emailing them I'd stick with at least one of the recognised international languages of the world: such as English, perhaps?

Does shaolin kungfu has its root in India. Is it related to Kalaripayattu?

Unless National Geographic aired a different program, the Fight Science program showed different martial artists demonstrating different styles.

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