Aikido wisdom?

Does anyone out there do Aikido? I've been doing it (takemusu style) for about 6 months and I'm finding progress painfully, almost catatonically slow. I'd like to be enlightened by the learnig or experience of someone (preferably a Dan) who has made it.


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Brief background:
Ive been involved with martial arts now for C 45 years, trained in quite a few to varying levels - Choosing Aikido as my main art (3rd Dan)(about 30 years experience). I find for me personally Aikido is an excellent art for many reasons, eg: can be adapted to suit any age/gender/physique, is constantly adaptable, is a great vehicle for other arts to be included as required, has a very sound moral basis (Principles can be easily translated to everyday 'life' situations).
Now to your question - Aikido like most worthwhile things in life is not easy to learn, you first have to 'unlearn'. By that I mean modify natural physical movements ( basically bad habits everyone develops as the move through life), to be more smooth, round, flowing. Basically you are moving physically back to when you were younger - babies fall without hurting themselves - Have you tried suspending your body weight by hanging on with one hand - difficult 30 secs max - whereas a baby would be able to do that with little effort for a lot longer. Doesnt think about it - acts naturally without effort - blends and harmonises with the task. Also natural reactions to conflict tend to be aggressive, offensive etc (especially in males). Whereas aikido tries to 'show' you how to modify this natural crude behaviour to harmonise and become a balance to the aggressive energy. Also Aikido philosophy is sometimes at odds with the way we think (they deserve it /retribution/revenge etc).

Also the way you are taught is important, some teach techniques, techniques without acknowledging the fact you have to 'know yourself' first - find your own centre/circle/spere/balance/fl... You have of course to learn the basics, rolls,tai sabaki, tenkan, techniques, but without a feeling of 'you', it can become just a physical exercise.

I'm rambling a bit - perseverance and dedication is the key. You will find plateau's and hills,in your training - the hills are perceived improvements and the plateau's the slog. In reality it is the plateau's where the learning takes place.
Keep going - the rewards are immense, in all areas of your life.
Things will start to 'click into place' as you go along.
Above all enjoy!! The least you will gain is fitness and flexibility.

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hi im a second dan black belt in tang soo do which is a korean marital art. they are quite similar, i gave up practising last year after 8 years. i felt it was very repetitive when i went to training and i wanted to try kick boxing although i havent got round to that yet.
since ive given up ive put on a lot of weight and get out of puff easier. my advice to you is to give it another six months and see how u feel then or u could go and watch other martial artists like shotokan or tang soo do or even kick boxing. its like a lot of martial arts if you want to be the best then you have to have the basics drummed into you and practice every day.
good luck,

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well, my there i am also a 3rd dan black belt, All martial arts if you are just started you feel pain...but constant practice you feel better and stronger...dont lost your hope just continue practice... and theres a saying "no pain no gain"

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i am a 1st Dan in Aikido and trained continuously for approx 7 years , twice weekly and an awfull lot of weekends at seminars and training workshops with different a rule of thumb, in my limited experience , the larger the class the slower the progress. you dont mention how frequently you train , how many hours a week . i have experienced some of this style practitioners and they are good .Talk to your Sensei if you aren,t happy , if he is genuine person he will understand your situation and explain to you what is required

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Because of the intricacies of aikido, it is slow progressing. There is so much to learn to properly apply the technique so that it is effortless yet powerful. Talk to your sensei and ask how he thinks you're doing and tell him your feelings that you aren't progressing. Maybe there is something that you are missing that will help your training.

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Aikido wisdom would simply be not taking Aikido.

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I do aikido and I enjoy it very much. I don't think much about progress, just having fun of learning aikido. Amazingly, while I have a lot fun in my aikido class, I also make a good progress.

So, just enjoy your practice, and you will progress. Remember aikido is a difficult art, and progress may slow at first then faster after we grab the basic.

If you still cannot make good progress after some time, then you may not suit with your current class (i.e. too many students, class level is too advanced or too basic). If so, you may consider to shift to another training sesson which suit you best.

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'mfrsiska' says it all for me - communicate, with your sensei and move onto the next thing if this is not for you, but be sure to give it time. Above all be sure to enjoy it. Good luck

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The basics are kind of boring but without a strong base, you will have a flimsy top. I have practiced at many dojos and have found you have to find the right teacher. I also goto seminars and also will join in the upper level classes if I can survive.

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