?Who will win Bruce Lee or Jet Li?


What is the best deffensive style for a 5ft 3" tall wimp??

Until another man, "Living or Dead", becomes known as,
"the Dragon", "the Master of Kung -FU", or "Master of the 1 inch Punch", do not ask this question again!

Bruce was, is, and will always be the greatest most realistic Martial Artists ever to whip as.!

Bruce actually competed and fought people. Jet li and Jackie Chan learned from that performing arts academy. bruce trained to kick but, not do tricks and shi.!

Krav Maga lessons?

Bruce Lee

Dennis Kang vs GSP/ Evan Tanner/ Phil Baroni/ Rich Franklin/ Matt Hughes?

Probably Jet Li since Bruce Lee has been dead for years. It don't take much skill to kick a corpse up and down the street.

How do I do Parkour?

Bruce Lee although Jet Li would put up a good fight!

I'm a gold belt in karate from Kickstart I'm on a Demo team and i need some fast music like sand storm by daru

Jet Li would win against a dead guy anytime.

I have been practicing Ninjutsu for the last 26 years{instructor for 20}?

bruce lee

Is there any chinese kung fu or ninjitsu schools in Arkansas?

If Bruce Lee was still alive, he would win, but now lets put it in a reality setting, Jackie Chan or Jet Li...now that would be a good fight.

What are the 14 parts of a katana functions?

Going with bruce becuasse his birthday is one before mind, and i also go a chacnce to meet Ed Parker the man that got bruce in the flim business. Almost met bruce son before death. The Dragon/ Kato wil live forever in are heart and mind. Becuase of bruce so many people took up Martial Arts.
H e Put Gung Fu on the map in America to me.
In the early seventies the moive Billy Jack was the second behind the Green Hornet, to introduce the Arts. I spy and a few other show. But bruce made history, his movies : The Big Boss, aka First of Fury, Hack my best friend felt the pain when bruce would hit the guy. The gand finaily if Moive.
Enter The Dragon, still one of the best moive ever made.
words can't say enough about bruce.
The Perfect Weapon buy Jeff Seakman was a good moive .
The hunted Knife seen was good.
Steven Segal moive were very good for Akido.
But bruce is very good.
Jet he is the man now, I will take nothing form him.
In leathal Weapon 4, his first major introduction was beyond good we need a new heros.
anyways enough said. Bruce Lee for me RIP. FAN 4 LIFE

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