(MMA) Who has the longest winning streak? KO streak? submission streak?

Who has won the most fights in a row? Who has the longest streak of ending fights via KO or TKO? Who has the longest streak of finishing opponents via submissions? Also who has the longest finishing streak (KO/TKO or submission?


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good question... hard going finding answers
so far I have:
longest fight: Royce Gracie vs. Sakaraba (over 90min)
i'll edit with more finding later


Royce Gracie started off the entire UFC by completing 8 consectutive submission wins before his 1st loss.
Ken Shamrock has 26 career wins - 22 by submission

Joe "Diesel" Riggs won 5 consecutive fights via KO in the midst of a 8 fight winning streak

11 - Rich Franklin (plus an additional no contest decision)
12 - Edwin Dewees (11 in a row coming via submission)
12 - Mark Kerr ('97 - 2000)
13 - Matt Hughes
13 - Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
14 - Takanori Gomi
16 - Tim Sylvia (to begin his mma career)
16 - Wanderlei Silva (with a no contest and draw coming in the midst of the streak)
17 - Diego Sanchez

8 - Marcus Davis
13 - Michael Brisbing; 13-0 (all via tko or submission)

check out that site for some awesome statistics and fighter profiles.

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john potenza has faught in over 60 fights and lost to decision in only 1 or two

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