Any tips on doing round kicks, Mawashi geri in Karate?

I have trouble with this move, it seems hard to get your foot to twist while kicking. I end up smashing my toes sometimes :( Any tips? I seem to be able to hit much harder with my weaker leg which suggests my stronger foot is twisting better and helping me hit.


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1) Chamber the kicking leg as high as you can with your shin horizontal.
2) Lean back. This allows you to get your kicking leg higher.
3) Keep your plant leg slightly bent, again allowing you to get your kicking leg higher.
4) Come up on the ball of your plant foot. If both the ball & heel are on the ground, you can't pivot.
5) Think of your leg as a whip, starting the motion at your hips & letting it travel out to your foot.
6) Be sure your toes are pulled back towards your face as far as you can.
7) at the moment of impact, your plant heel should be pointed at the target.
8) your hips should be rotated with your lead hip pointed towards the target. This enables you to get your foot turned over so your toes are either at the level of your heel or even a little lower.
9) Your foot should make an ark parallel to the ground & be moving perpendicular to the target at the moment of impact.

Hope thid helps. If not, email me video of your kick & I'll try to break it down more.


set up by bringing your knee up high and then snap it out - get your toes back and kick with the ball

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1. Begin by standing in a middle front stance (Han Zenkutsu Dachi). A strong stance is particularly important for a good kick as you must have a stable platform from which to launch your kick.
2. Propel the knee forward by using your toes and heel like a spring. Once the knee points at the target, snap the leg forward from the knee. You can give the kick power by rotating your hip and your support leg. Strike the target with the ball of the foot. For strikes to the neck or thigh you can use the instep with toes pointed down.
3. Practice your roundhouse kicks low until you perfect them before you attempt the higher kicks.

There is a full explanation at
Good luck mate

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Pivot on the ball of your foot. This will create less resistance allowing you to rotate into the kick.

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It sounds like a knee problem.
Are you tilting it in the right direction.
Make sure it's high up enough aswell.

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try pivoting the foot turning on before lifting other foot up to kick,
it stops the knee twisting and putting pressure on it too much

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