A martial artist told me that a candle can be put out from a distance by pointing at it. Is this true?

He said that this can be done by flicking his finger and projecting his energy. Fantasy or reality?


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True,but it is a trick.My 10 years old son showed me how to do it!Point a finger at the candle,then take a deep breath and exhaled aiming at the arm.The air will travel down the arm,then down the finger!Magic!Need some practice,if not the flame will flicker,which is aslo good ,coz' some conman use this trick to convince people that there are 'spirit'.

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he been watching too much of that kung fu show with david carradine or whatever. tell him u believe it when you see it.

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Ask him to demonstrate. If he can't then ask him to show you someone who knows how it's done.

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I think in Zen Buddahism the monks get trained to do it. They get trained to do all types of weird sh*t with their energy. But you have to go to a school in a remote location where you're isolated from the world and you're there for like 15 years. It's a cool trick to learn but it's not worth 15 years of my life to learn.

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Only if you have very long fingers!

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Google " Chi ", or you tube it you will find some jokers showing some trick or other. This may be done by punching at a candle if you practice but the pointing a finger thing is a bit much. I watched a video on you tube where a guy was pushing around his students by motioning towards them with his hands and they fell around like idiots!
Funny stuff, but it gives martial arts a bad name...




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I will attempt to answer this question with all seriousness. I am A traditionally trained martial artist.This is very different from what you see in the sport circles today. I have spent many years in training and have preformed two similar demonstrations of this kind. I hope this explains the theory behind how it works.
When we train in our dojo to do a punch (for example) We start with a relaxed body while the punch is delivered, at the moment of impact the entire body tenses and then relaxes. What this does is causes the forse from the entire body to be delivered into what ever you are punching. The mind must focus the muscular energy of the body out the fist. What this does is cause the force to be delivered into the target instead of causing your fist to go into the target. Using this method there is some force that can be delivered from a small distance away into a traget such as a flame on a candle. It takes years to practice this. When we break boards we do not put them on bricks. instead we hold the board in one hand with all five finger tips and break it with the other. The hand holding the board lets go at impact and the striking fist delivers the force "into " the board. I have done this many times and have seen a few people quite far away from a candle and put the flame oput. Now I am not taslking 20 feet or even 3 feet but 8 - 10 inches away is realistic. We use a candle because without a target of substance the force dispurses.
Hope this helps i m me if you need some more info be glad to help I am writing a master text which includes a chapter on this

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haha, on the contrary, I've heard some one who could flick his finger to light a tree on fire..

Yeah... You don't really know, there's a lot of unsolved mysterys in this world.

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whats so hard about that i only have to look at it and it'll go out.

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he is either a fool, or he was testing your gullibility. sounds like a fusion of Aikido & Yoda.

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I've seen it on tape. I have no idea how it is done.

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No, but it can be put out by your fist projecting a powerful punch from a distance ( depends how far) the candle will be put out.

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Try this: clap your hands above or around a lit candle without ever touching the candle or flame. If you do it fast enough, the flame will go out. Then ask your physics teacher about it. Now think of the punch as the same principles but more difficult and more impressive.

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Sounds like a parlor trick to me. Energy projection is fantasy.
I do , however, train with candles. I practice my striking techniques on them. If you have enough "snap" on the end of the strike you can put the flame out.
It is just a change in air current, not magic.

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