Am I too old for Krav Maga?

I'm 32, never had any martial arts training. After reading through this "board" it sounds like krav maga would be good for getting in shape and learning how to properly defend myself. Any websites about it show kids, am i too old?


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When was 32 to old! Krav Maga will not only teach you how to defend yourself, protect your loved ones on the street, you will also become in better shape than you ever have.

I was 45 in charge of a SF Team in the mountains of Afghanistan, retired 2 years after, 32.if you think you are old, you will be old, if you your are young you will be young.

Start on Monday, and in 6 weeks let us know how great you feel, and what Krav Maga has done for you.

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You can never be too old for physical activity. Alot of martial arts require that you are flexible and have endurance though so you might want to work on that first.

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No, not really.

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no you are not too old, krav maga was invented in israel and was primarily used for israel's mossad the best special operations force in the world, however know nearly every countries military are taught krav maga, you are no where near too old. just learn to be more flexibe.

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Nah dude your NEVER too old to learn ANY Martial Arts although the younger you start, the more proficient you can become. the majority of Any Martial Arts school students will be children, but there're also adult classes (my martial arts class has one as well, which I attend, but I also attend the children's class to help teach the kids), so you won't have to feel embarrassed.

But I agree with fairy karma being in your 30's you'll have to work on your flexibility, but that will come with time, I also just turned 30, but I've been in martial arts for 15yrs.

I especially agree with diamondk; to learn anything to protect yourself or your family, or those who can't protect themselves is never a waste of time or money, and the physical activity is more than enough to get you into shape, if you also go to a gym, you could use the martial art as part of your cardio workout.

if you're not sure about it, ask the instructor to allow you to try out a week or two to see if you like it, but I'm sure you will enjoy it.

good luck, and if you do well in 6wks come on back and let us know.

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..don't be an idiot,,,unless your a weakling

only wimps ask questions like this

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I have been training in tae kwon do and hapkido for 9 yrs and i can safely say that the younger you start the easier and better you will be. However it shouldnt hinder you from practicing, if you want to do it do it and give it your all.

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Dude, nobody is too old to learn anything new. And 32 isn't that old yet. Krav Maga is a good way to get in shape and learn to defend yourself but it is a fighting style that can be learned by practically anyone, regardless of size or age. One thing you have to know though, Krav Maga is a style that requires great stamina, it could help you develop that stamina but you need to be able to keep up with the workouts. Also, you're not too old to learn it because it is a very practical fighting style, I studied it from a book several times and have done research on it through the internet, krav maga does not emphasize brute strength or really fancy, almost impossible to do moves that are visually stunning, it is more about getting the first shot and using proper technique. So to answer your question, you're not as old as some people just learning martial arts, and you shouldn't let your age deter you from trying. Also, Krav Maga was developed to be used in a variety of situations instead of just winning tournaments, you'll probably pick it up pretty easily, I know I did.

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Look at any Pride fight champion, UFC champion or K-1, MMAs winningest style is the combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Muay Thai kick boxing. Don't worry about Krav or Karate, there are no MMA champions who use these styles. Your butt will be owned by anyone who trains in MMA Brazilian Jiujitsu/MuayThai.

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