After Chuck Liddel beats Rampage.should he go heavywieght at take that title from Cotour again?


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You mean IF he beats Rampage, which I say he won't, should he go to heavyweight. NO! He should retire a winner, plus I say he won't be able to handle heavyweights over 240 pounds much like Couture.

Would a Broken leg from 5 years before not allow someone to do MMA at their Best ?

first of all rampage will do to lidell like he did the first time and stop him,the iceman isnt that good of a fighter rampage will beat him and then fight tito next

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That would be a stupid move for the UFC to do because having one person control multiple championship belts not only limits the number of top fights they can have per year, it also makes the overall talent of pool of the organization look bad.

Say for instance if this does occur and Liddel controls both belts. What happens when a LHW beats him? Does that mean they take the HW belt by default?

A question for Wing Chun experts: is it possible to be skilled at Wing Chun if you have big muscles?

Heh like chuck beat rampage the first time? I don’t think any real UFC fan thinks that chuck will win.

Rampage can fight MMA, chuck can fight standing up and knock out people, and rampage can take hits and is very hard to knock out.

If chuck wins, it will be luck =)

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3 fights w/ Couture is enough. He's said he wants to fight Wanderlei, Henderson, Cro Cop, and Fedor.

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