Advanced kicks?

what types of kicks(with your foot) are there, which damages the most, how to perform them, where to hit with foot. ect.


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you say "advanced kicks" then contradict yourself by saying which damages the most. Advanced kicks are generally more flashy and practicality goes down because the odds of performing them go down. Cut kicks (if done properly of course, it's not where you hit with a cut kick, but how you kick.) that is performed by bringing you knee straight forward (not around like a rounhouse) and dropping your hips with a rotation and snapping your foot into whatever part of his body you want to hit, usually the best is the knee, on the bottom ribs, you can kick in the head, but it is uneccesary and that is a long way for your foot to travel, so even if you are conditioned enough to get your foot there fast, it's still faster to hit him in the side and it does more damage and is safer to your foot. Oh and point your toes, or you will break your foot, don't hit with your foot, kit with the shin, and never hit bone, that's why it can be bad to kick people in the head. Bone on bone hurts, and your shin is pretty open, the ribs though have a lot of give, you don't need that huge big powerful roundhouse kick to hurt someone, it's speed mainly, and your leg is really big so you don't need to get it going as fast as a hand. But if you had someone to show you the proper technique, you can get it going pretty damn fast. Since learning the proper technique, and then learning not to telegraph, i havn't had anyone block that kick, or dodge it, and i don't specialize in kicks. Back kicks are very powerful when done properly it is a semi-invisible kick when learned. Although learn kung fu style not japanese style, i know both, i had trained my japanese back kick to be very stong and powerful. I had a guy take six seconds to show me how to do a wushu style back kick and i was ashamed at even learning the common back kick. I am not sure how to describe it, and words are never as powerful as someone actually showing you. I described in emaculate detail how to do a simple left jab and it turned into nearly five hundred words.
EDIT: Oh, don't listen to f8005y although they are extremely powerful kicks he is talking about, most of them are pretty impractical and once you know how to do quick and powerful kicks, they become so easily available. Attempting a tornado kick on a person that knows what it is will result in a very serious injury to you. Fun to learn though, i love the kick, but trying to hit anyone with it is laughable. What he says about the side kick is half true. it can keep an opponent outside if done quickly, and it is quite effective for hitting soft parts with the side of the foot, using the heel requires a different hip positoning and is closer to a back kick, this is much better and can be easily be turned into an advancing technique shadowed by a cross step with the back leg. Since it is using the strongest muscle in your entire body, it stretches almost all of the way up your back, it is quite understandable powerful. This is a good chasing technique to follow up if your opponent tries to engage and you parry his attack or dodge and counter attack with your hands or try to grapple him, if he backs up just outside the range of your hands take the oppurtunity to pound your foot through his diaphram, but never leave it hanging out there, bring it back in as soon as possible, and if he is somehow standing within range still, kick him again, now he may be leaning over again from his kick in the solar plexus, his face is very easily in range and you do have some time on your side if the first kick worked well.

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usually those that can do a definite amount of damage are usually the side kick, or the back kick; if executed properly.

The kicks usually goes as follows:

front snap kick, push kick, roundhouse, reverse round house, side kick, back kick (or mule kick), in to out crescent kick, out to in crescent kick, axe kick, hook kick.

Then you have each one of those kicks as jumping techniques, back leg and front leg techniques.

hitting the body is usually a direct kick just beneath the ribcage to get the best effect, but it takes good timing to get the technique to be effective, which can only be learned in training as well as learning how to perform the technique properly.

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Personally, I think the most effective kicks that causes most damage is just the basic front kick side kick, and round house. This is due to the fact that they are the kicks that can be executed the fastest and with the most accuracy. The fancy kicks that you see may be powerful, but not practical. This shouldn't stop you from learning them though...

-Front kick

Kick with ball of the foot, with the proper hip motion of swinging forward and fast penetrating snap, you can lift up someone twice the size you are!

-Side Kick

Kick with heel or side of foot. With a nice step up, swing your hip out and kick with your body weight. Aim for the chin, rib cage, throat, stomach, or joint of the leg. This is my favorite kick!

SPARRING TIP: When an opponent bigger than you is just coming up on you trying to execute a close combat that may knock your head off, side kick would be the best kick for you to keep him away (but do not kick high, range from thigh~ribcage. If kick too high, you have a big chance of getting thrown off balance an taken down.). Every time he tries to get close, gie him a good shot of your side kick to tell him to back off! And when he realizes you're doing this and tries to do long range combat with you, it would be the chance for you to suddenly shorten the range and win that trophy!

-Round House Kick

Round house kick should be considered one of the most powerful kick of all times. For this kick, I suggest you to kick with the shin to hurt your opponent very badly. Try to aim for the thigh, ribcage, or if you're flexible enough, neck or head. If you get any part of these area, you'll see him on the ground for a looking time.

There are other kicks that are powerful but slower to execute:
-tornado kick POWERFUL
-backspin kick(swipe) POWERFUL
-Jumpspin kick (360) POWERFUL
-back(spin) kick MEDIUM
-hookkick MEDIUM

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kicks with the foot? I'm glad you cleared that up. I would have guessed you were asking about kicks with your head. Front, side & reverse kicks are probably the 3 most powerful. Since it's now after nidnight 7 I'm tired, I'm not going to go int detail on these kicks right now. If you e-mail me, I'll do it tomorrow.

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Advace kicks? I dare you call around for a Muay Thai or MMA match so you can try pull off one of those stupid fancy kick and see what happen!

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I'd say go for weak points like the knees,(front, side or back) groin, or hamstring- with a short roundhouse with the top of the foot. Even experienced fighters will use those, because they are quick; you can even use more than one, with the same foot. It will also bring someone down enough that you can use other strikes.

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Kicking with your foot is not as effective as kicking with your shin and runs the risk of breaking the small bones of your foot. Push kicks, side kicks, back kicks and kicks performed with the instep to a soft area (groin) would be a good exception to hitting with your shin.

Besides being tougher, the blade of your shin can cause alot more damage than snapping your foot.

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why would i tell you beppo go and learn like everyone else.heres one for you.take right foot stick in mouth take left foot stick up ar...comfortable?hahahahalol.


I think that any kick, punch, throw is as effective as the person who executes it.

The most damaging ones are the ones never thrown. How do you do that? Go ask a good teacher.

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