Any ninjutsu schools in Rochester, New York?

I found a ninjutsu school but I am not sure if I can take it because it is at a college. So, does anyone know of any schools in or near Rochester, New York?


Whenever I block someone from trying to hit or push me,does that mean I have quick reflexes.?

Your best bet would be to check out -
it has a worldwide directory of Bujinkan Dojo. Just look at the Yellow pages section, and zoom into US/New York.

I KNOW Shihan Joe Maurantonio has a place in NYC, but as for'd have to look.

Which one will win?

There are no true ninjitsu schools anywhere, it's a dead art.

Could anyone can tell who will win Liddell vs. Jackson on UFC 71, why?

It's a dead art. Anyone who claim to teach it is a fraud!

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