A morbid question stemming from an answer to a previous question of mine?

has anyone ever seen or heard of someone getting their eye popped out in a physical fight? how does this happan, what reaction does it cause? what are the long term and short term effects? any other intricate details? if you have seen such an incident, where did it take place and what was the age of the person involved? did they cry? i know this is a strange question, but the internet brings out all sorts of oddballs and i don't think i am nearly the oddest


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Answered By: Fares Al-Sagri
Jan 21, 2007

WHY are so many students so oblivious?

I've never seen it happen , but I know it can . Severe pressure would cause this ,trauma etc... The effects could be as little as needing to re-insert the eye to losing the eye . With that kind of severe trauma death is also a possibility .

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Seen?? Heard??

He started on me Officer!

Not Xmas gone but the Xmas before, I was out in the local Nightclub(which is an Absolute dump) I had only had a few drinks when this young guy started on me. He must of been about 22-23. He was very * sure of himself and barged straight into me. As I said to him
"Sorry was I in your way?" He verbally abused me!
Not wanting to spoil Xmas eve, I let this go and forgot about it within minutes. About half an hour later I have the same guy square up to me and start pushing me, as he does this he grabs my head and tries to poke my eye out!
Well unbeknown to him, was that I actually knew how to do this properly. As he pulls my head forward and pushes his thumb into my eye, my natural instinct was to do the same back.
I went straight into a Muay Thai clinch, pulled his head down and raised mine, then released one hand and went for his eye.
If you insert your index finger into the edge of the eye next to the nose and push back until your finger is wet then hook around to the outside of the face the eye pops out.

His immediate reaction was to pull away and scream Extremly loudly! That was the end of the fight. Unfortunatly I don't know anymore details about how he was after as I was soon politely asked to leave the establishment. The bouncers had said to me that the guy had already been warned about his behaviour already that night.
Well i guess he started on the wrong guy!
I'm not condoning what i done, but he shouldn't of tried doing the same to me. As they say "what goes around, comes around!!"
I'm just pleased he didn't try doing it to someone who couldn't defend themselves!

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yes.my best mate and i got in a fight with a gang of blokes we cleaned them up and thought we won.my mate's eye had been gouged out by a thumb,i just put it back in for him.he wouldn't go to the hospital,we went fishing for the weekend.monday morning he dropped dead.the blood clot on his brain had travelled to his chest and he had a heart attack.what did the cops do?nothing he was black.that was a long time ago though and things have changed.i just chalked it up to experience.

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