A Sumo wrestlers (Yakuzuno) VS UFC fighter who will win?


Eishin-Ryu Iaido?

UFC. Greater mobility

What is the best martial art to get into?

depends on the UFC fighters style

How many strikes does most martial arts consist of ?

Id still say a UFC fighter.
Even though it is difficult to be Yokozuna, you have to look at the aim of the games. sumos' aims are to get their opponent off their feet. UFC is to win by submission or KO.
Therefore in a fight, the advantage is with the UFC fighter since its objectives are similar to that of UFC.
You rarely see sumos beating up each other.
With that in mind however, dont write off the Yokozuna. i mean, there is a reason why there are only 2-4 yokozunas at each point of time!

My valentine did somthin kind stupid.?

Who's more motivated? Who trains more? Who has honed their attributes the most through proper training drills? Who feels crappy that day? Who got the most rest the night before? Who trains their mind as much as their body? Who has the most tools in their tool box when dealing with any and every situation (or, who can deal with surprise situations the most effectively)? etc;

Get the idea? Winning at anything requires your attention to the smallest details and your willingness to address these with the proper training regime.

Who is the best heavyweight champ in the history of the ufc?

on several occasions sumo has tested mma to no avail in early ufc. i would place my money on the ufc fighter.they are well rounded in mixed martial arts,they are generally more agile and the goal of sumo is simply to get the opponent off their feet or to remove the competition from the area of battle were as the goal of the mma fighter is to completely dominate a fight whether it be by strikes,grappling,or a combination of the two.

What is the martial art used by the gurkas?

That depends on the competition. If they are doing sumo wrestling, then I believe the sumo wrestlers will come out on top regardless. If it is UFC, then the competition favors the UFC fighters...
If it was tennis... I'm going with the UFC fighter.

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ufc fighters -no contest

Anyone heard of kimbo...When is he fightin that white dude again who best em?

Akebono didn't fare very well at all in K1. Even Bob Sapp got the better of him. I think the former Ozeki Terao in his prime would have been a formidable MMA fighter. He has a lot of fight in him, he once bit Konishiki's finger. I don't see how it would be possible for anyone to grapple with the 600 pound Konishiki. The Sumo Association only grudgingly allowed Akebono to fight in K1, I doubt any other Yokuzuna will go down that path anytime soon.

Free standing punch bags... Any good?


then second of all Akebono was already defeated by royce Gracie...

so you dont even have to ask this question as this fight has happened already...

Why is UFC so cocky?

I dont see how they would match. Sumo is a completely different sport. UFC, you win by submission or knockout. Sumo is by moving your opponent outside the ring. The Sumo would have to have some striking skills. I myself think UFC is boring now. The old days were great. Now, everyone learns BJJ and striking, how boring. I also dont like how if a guy doesnt want to goto the ground he just backs away until the ref gets the BJJ guy up. So lame.

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