Any thoughts on Martial arts places that "don't feel comfortable talking about tuition" on e-mail or phone?


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It sounds a little fishy that they won't discuss with YOU how much they want YOU to pay THEM. I bet they feel comfortable taking your money even if they don't feel comfortable talking about it. They probably charge different amounts to every person and don't want to get locked into a price by an over the phone quote. I would go somewhere else.

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If they refuse to give you that info over the phone or email then they do not sound legit.
My advice is to find some other places that will tell you.

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I would be suspecious of any one, martial arts school or auto repair shop, that couldn't tell me what their prices were over the phone or email, and you should ask them straight out if they do month to month. Never go where they require a long contract with a large up-front payment or want to debit your bank account directly.

If they can't come up with a simple, "yes that's $xx per month, on a month to month basis and we don't require a contract" then I would find someplace else.

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Well that was what happened to me, and I went in for a class. I found out that the reason they don't give out fees over the phone is because my studio had different plans based on what you were interested in. Namely if you wanted all group classes, it was one price or if you wanted group and private classes it was different.
When I went in, they had all the fees printed out on a nice spreadsheet, and were able to go over each plan to find the best one for me. So that may be the reason why. Don't automatically assume they're trying to cheat you. But if you do go in and its not standardized or its not clearly PRINTED, then go to another studio.

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I'd be very leary of any place that wouldn't talk about tuition ove the phone or email.I'd be looking for another place real quick!

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As for over email, I can't think of a good reason why they wouldn't want to do that. They could lay out all their plans and the possible discounts that might be avaliable to you, and then it's up to you to wade through it. But my instructor wasn't comfortable giving out prices over the phone for the longest time because he had so many specials and exceptions running all the time that there were only a few of us who ever paid full price, and if he quoted the full price to people over the phone he was afraid he'd loose them. Eventually he moved to a more solid stance on the full price, and class sizes increased as a result. It turns ou that people weren't ever so poor as they told him at first. (People were taking advantage of him. Go figure.) I would say it's worth taking a look, but I'd tell the instructor that you almost didn't come in because they wouldn't give out prices. It might make him rethink the policy.

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